Skipped the Lyft LUX Queue


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After an Uber trip to the airport I ended up with a Lyft PT bonus which I never used from earlier since I never got a lyft ping. With LUX the PT bonus doubles, but if I take a Lyft or Shared ride it pays me what's on the screen. Since the LUX queue is always 40+ I decided to take what I could get and switched to Lyft/Shared/Lux. After maybe 15 minutes waiting I get the message to drive towards the airport and I would be matched up with the next rider. After I pull out of the TNC lot I get a ping and it's a Lyft LUX! How the hell did I just wait for 15 minutes and steal someone's LUX ride?!? Got double the PT ($19), plus the LUX ride, $21 and a $5 tip. Sorry Airprot Cell Phone Gang!! Thanks Entomologist!!!