sitting and waiting...


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Where are some good places in Nashville to sit and wait for your next rider request so you won't waste gas/miles? Preferably during the late night/early morning times.

Robert G

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Welcome to the rat race you are in good company with Uber, Lyft, taxis, Pedicabs, and golf carts all suckling for a fare. Ive done this for 2 years. The only advice i can give is where your last ride ends just hang out in that area find a place to park. Unless you are in the middle of nowhere. Five Points, Broadway, Demonbreun near the music roundabout, Vanderbilt, Or Division street are the highest volume places to be but that is where everybody is waiting. When i first started i used to run East Nashville to Downtown and back and forth this wasted gas and miles so now wherever i end up is the area i park in until i get another fare trust me it will happen dont ever just drive around and dont surge chase it will be over by the time you drive there.