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Single day protests don't work. Would you agree to Uber Off 1 Day a week?

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by Michael - Cleveland, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Ubersucksgas

    Ubersucksgas Active Member

    I wish we were more united so we can stop driving one Friday for all ride-share companies. This is ridiculous how much control they have over their drivers.
  2. Ms.Doe

    Ms.Doe Well-Known Member

    More uber drivers need to be made aware of this website. What if every driver printed business cards to give to every uber they see?
  3. me2

    me2 Active Member

    Ann Arbor mi
    Like the blue flu we just all agree we could not be bothered rider would notice and so would uber. When rider bring up how much trouble they have on tues we could explain that we are trying to get heard about fair pay for fair work.
  4. me2

    me2 Active Member

    Ann Arbor mi
    Think blue flu or a slow down on the line mangent dose pay attention plus nation wide it would hurt uber a lot

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