Since when is For Hire driving a hobby?


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Stamp collecting. Needlepoint. Spelinunking.
THESE are all hobbies.
Recently, I've been reading through these threads and several young Uberites stated unequivocally "I consider Uber a hobby'.
Never have I encountered a hobby which involves destroying ones car in order to supply wealth for the worlds biggest pre-IPO startup.
Is it just me, or have we failed with an entire generation?
Some realize a larger tax write off than they will ever earn driving.


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  1. used or intended for entertainment rather than business.
You obviously cherry-picked a definition to suit your ridiculous agenda. I'm sure if you put your thinking cap on, you can find a definition to fit the sort of pleasure (it's a noun, btw) even you get from turning a profit.

Then again, your definition does fit, insofar as I do Uber for entertainment rather than business. The joy of turning a profit has entertainment value, too.
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You obviously cherry-picked a definition to suit your ridiculous agenda. I'm sure if you put your thinking cap on, you can find a definition to fit the sort of pleasure even you get from turning a profit.
I'm cherry picking dictionary definitions? I'm not even giving opinions, I'm copying and pasting actual definitions of words.

I think I'd feel pleasure if your brain worked a little better, but if it did, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Now I understand why some of you guys drive for uberx.


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What about those who consider driving around drunks and entitled cheapskates a "profession"? LOL! You guys need to get over yourselves. You do a job that does not require any skill beyond what most 16 year olds posess and the knowledge of a first year business major at a community college. Sadly, many drivers do not posess this minimum, but that doesn't make you anything special!
I am special.


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We're edifying hobbyists.
I'm not sure how hobbies and making money suddenly became mutually exclusive. I have been in the sports card / memorabilia hobby for 30 years and have profited tens of thousands of dollars. At no time have I considered it 'my profession'. Additionally, I purchase items at flea markets and auction houses and flip them for profit. I find it enjoyable and do it for pleasure.

Now, a taxi driver obsessively trolling a website created predominately for Uber that may be hobby.

Edit: I apologize for using the same phrase as RichR. I don't want it to seem that those of us who uber have a talking points memo. Like those who drive taxis apparently have.
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Well Uber X is a hobby, real " fare for hire" is a profession. My company of almost 15 years in the livery service is solid proof of that.
When the number 1 cause of death in America involves an automobile, it's hard to compare the "fare for hire" industry to bird watching.
And yes, we have failed with more then just one generation. Just look at how much our world rankings in mathematics and science have fallen in the past 20 years. Look at the obesity rate among Americans, especially our youth. Look at the increase in %'s of Americans on some type of gov't assistance in the past 20 years.
The music of our times says it clearly. "I'm just a looser baby so why don't you kill me", " I'm just a looser with no self esteem", "we don't need no education" and a million more lyrics. Thank God I'm old and my kids are all college graduates.
long live Beck!


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Yep I completely agree with driverx I Am a cab driver and to be an ACTUAL CAB driver it does require more than driving your personal car more than a hobby and definitely more stress than most other jobs what I do is NOT a hobby this IS a skilled profession and I am very happy with my chosen skilled profession what I find hilarious are the following....... When "hobby/part timers" claim they refuse to drive more than 5 mins to pick up, or if their destination is far off they refuse, or the unlimited references of "minimum wage".......minimum wage is an hourly way to judge actual employees NOT contracted workers if the contracted amount is not acceptable either side can end agreement......and parent company sets up rules that each contractor has to follow if contractor does not follow rules...agreement is cancelled by parent company........... And something else I find funny is how everyone calculates how much $ they believe they are making..minus gas,and other expenses I don't know of any other skilled professional drivers that sit around and do that what most of us do is we calculate what gas we have to use daily then deduct that from our take each day and that is how most do....... not cost of insurance cuz we need that anyway....nor minus IRS credit for mileage....cuz that's actually a plus at end of year....maintenance I can see but not needed to be deducted daily I mean come now let's hear all the nay-sayers saying I'm wrong...or I am a troll..or whatever else is said I am sitting here on edge of my seat waiting for responses