Since when is For Hire driving a hobby?


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I am guilty with qualifiers. Non surge, uberX, pick up over 2 minutes away should be left to the hobbyists. Uber off til surge for part time business.


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Driving for hire is serious business. Just wait til you have to organize transportation for major events and deal with congressman, entertainers, and other celebrities. Then deal with their managers and handlers about schedule changes and certain personal "requirements". Funny how some people in show business can be like kids where their handlers or airline reps tell them where to go and what to say. This business, when things get serious, take an operation management approach...and yes, the people that hire you take it seriously. It's a good thing too because the pay can get great with the right gigs. Yes driving a car around isn't hard to do, but the tradeoff is that one bad incident can ruin your reputation so there isn't any margin for error. I have to say doing a limo service has taken me to events and places I'd never be able to go being a tech analyst at a hospital.


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You dont hobby for profit.
The whole mindset is designed to be a slap in the face towards those of us with families to feed through driving.

Im a fairly accomplished part time musician.
Ive opened for Leslie West, Felix Cavilere, Charlie Daniels, and a host of others.
After I turned 30 I decided to focus on my dayjobs. I have no shame for not having made it, its all good.
I still play. When i gig, its for profit.

Theres a ton of New Hate on this board.
Not sure its even real. All of a sudden the hatred for licensed full time drivers by "hobbyists" is at full speed.

Heres what I think- i think The Caterer and his ilk are normal American Failures like the rest of us, but have to lie to themselves in order to get through the day.
They need the money just like we do!
Its ok that you washed out at NOBU,
I never got my rockstar dream- but I ACCEPTED that not everyone goes straight to the top.

Rideshare is not a hobby.
It's a part time job.


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I never knew that he was part of Joey Dee and the Starliters.
Felix Cavilere was the leader of The Rascals.
Liberty DiVito was playing drums for him that night.
Felix and Leslie argued about the opening slot, a real has been rockstar argument.

The funny thing is, I may have opened for Joey Dee and the Starlighters.
So many has beens, so long ago...


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We really need a sarcasm emoticon.

If you want my true opinion, I hope this entire app illegal cab business goes up in flames and everyone that drives for uberx (outside of NYC, but even that's getting just as bad) is pathetic. They think they're not taxi drivers, but they are, just without the tips and are paid pennies on the dollar. But they do get to meet all these new people every day driving for uber, so there's that.


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Without a doubt.

I thought you were the one that was serious about this being a hobby.

I'm not awake yet.
The crazy thing is a lot of people do make comments like this to justify the pathetic slave labor they do with this job. You read nonsense comments like that every day on here and people actually mean it.

I've been in this business for over a decade now doing both legitimate taxi driving and now with my limo company. It's my full time job and business. Not uber, but limo. I take this work very seriously because it's how I put food on the table.

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I started out with Uber as a part time driver, to supplement my primary income. Thanks to this forum and members like TwoFiddyMile, I not only learned quickly about pax tendencies, I spent the time and money to be sure my assets were covered because of the potential for an accident due to reasons beyond my control. I learned to minimize my deadhead miles, and I worked at having my total miles for the night pay at $1 for every actual mile driven. It wasn't easy at $1.20 or $1.10 per mile, but it was a goal, and I was successful more often than not. I also knew right where my threshold was, and the January rate cut was it.
Anyone who is claiming that this is a hobby is in denial of the consequences of not being properly insured. If you are buying the Uber line about their umbrella policy, you are a bankruptcy waiting to happen.
Transporting people should always be taken seriously. That's someone's son, daughter, mother or father who is entrusting their life and livelihood to you to get them where they are going safely.
I am still driving, part time, but now I am properly licensed, I dress up, and I drive high end cars for a local limo company. I make as much as before, usually on 2-3 trips per weekend, as I did hustling and monitoring every dead mile on my car. My auto insurance costs are down, as are my vehicle maintenance costs. My schedule is actually more flexible now, than it was driving Uber/Lyft.
This is not a hobby. If you view it as such, then stop taking money to do it.
Stamp collecting. Needlepoint. Spelinunking.
THESE are all hobbies.
Recently, I've been reading through these threads and several young Uberites stated unequivocally "I consider Uber a hobby'.
Never have I encountered a hobby which involves destroying ones car in order to supply wealth for the worlds biggest pre-IPO startup.
Is it just me, or have we failed with an entire generation?
-- Did you just call people "Uberites"? I LOVE THAT. Anyway, to my point - I agree with you!! People can say all they want about Uber...but one thing i know for a fact, its NOT a hobby!! Like you said, "destroying ones car in order to supply wealth for the worlds biggest pre-IPO startup" - how do people miss this point?? I drive because i need the money to pay off my school loans (that i wish i should have never taken out to begin with)...

I have to say this though: I haven't driven for them since the 1st of this year and you better believe they have been bombarding me with messages of "let's get you on the road"?"make an extra 1000dollars" BS. How about, i will do it on my terms - when i want to don't you get?? PS: if you are driving for UBER, all you are doing is making Travis Kaplanick Billionaire. Don't you ever forget that, you "Uberite".