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Silliest things you did as a new driver

uber_from_the north

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This just happened this morning.

Made a turn to a blind street thinking that was the turn highlighted on the GPS.

It just happened to be a basement parking entrance to Scotia Bank Arena (Former ACC) I backed out and caused traffic for the cars behind me. Did apologize multiple times to the pax and checks my ratings from time to time if she gave me a 1* rating lol!!!

Tons of drives already and we still managed to do silly/stupid stuff.


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I excitedly accepted my first XL ping, a pickup 20 minutes away, thinking I’d get the premium pickup pay (You don’t on XL). The pickup was a retired NFL player and his entourage from his golf outing. I spent 10 minutes packing my truck full of people and their stuff before starting the ride, then he insists on stopping for coffee, which I happily do, thinking “He’s got money, he’ll take care of me.” 5 minutes later we were on our way to a hotel. All told, over an hour of my time, for a whopping total of $25.94. Of course no tip. Never again.


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I lost two $45 to $50 rides because I was endorsed in conversation with passenger and missed major exits. I fully refunded the fare. But you learn real quick passengers lose their friendliness when you miss major exits.


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one of my first XL pings was at Home Depot.
Dude waiting outside with a fully assembled BBQ grill.
Struggled to put the thing in. Had to turn it sideways.
Pain in the ass
Made $9.

What burns me up about this, similar to grocery store pickups, is that these cheap non tipping pax get away with this

First day ubering I picked up a lady and started to pull out of the hotel and didn’t realize I was leaving her husband behind. He had let her in and was walking around the back of the car. She said hey hey my husband is with me and I stopped and he got in. They were really cool about it and he was laughing and asked if I was trying to steal his wife. From that day on I ask if we are all set before I start driving.
Had something very similar. Taking off leaving boyfriend behind.
She yells "HEY!". Then when he gets in says "what the fak man?!" Sounding pretty pissed.

But I said something like " she told me Go Go Go Go"
They both laughed pretty hard about that and I was off the hook.
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This has been an interesting (but briet) return to Uber after not taking a ride since May 2017. In the last 2 days I have given 20 rides. In all but 2 of these rides the pax has been standing at the curb waiting for my arrival. The other 2 were there before the 2 minute timer expired. This NEVER happened in years past and is a huge improvement. I guess letting the pax know that they will be charged a tiny pittance after 2 minutes has been enough to get them motivated. The pax have all been great and I have to say that I have enjoyed all 20 of the drives, even those where no one spoke. I did spend 30 minutes giving marital advice to a young male who really didn't understand the concept of a marriage being a partnership on our drive to IAH but I guess I didn't get too over the top since he left a $10 tip!
What's interesting is that I am running under a 50 rides / $600 guarantee so $12/ride guarantee. Yesterday I was picking up riders quickly with stacked pings from time to time. Today.....crickets unless I was near someone looking for a longer ride. I wondered what the scam would be and it appears that they won't leave you with 40 rides and give you nothing else but instead just leave you swinging in the breeze unless you are near a rider who is taking a longer trip.

My story reminds me of the time we spend in Brick, NJ last year. We went to the local Costco and when we went to get a cart, they were all chained together. The only way to get your cart was to insert a quarter into a slot and the chain would be released. When you then returned the cart to the designated location and re-connected it to the chain, the quarter would be released and you the cart cost you nothing. I was completely stunned that there was ZERO carts that were not returned to the proper location. This was all motivated by the almighty $0.25. Leave a cart anywhere, anytime for any reason......unless it would cost me a quarter. Oh, hell no! Brilliant!

Mista T

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20 minute pickup, took 2 oompa loompa teen girls a half mile to get their nails done. And then I was in the middle of nowhere.


At that moment I decided I would never travel more than 15 minutes for a pickup ever again.

As more stuff happened, the p/u window shortened.

Currently, won't go more than 1.2 miles for free to pick up without a darn good reason.

Bus Bozo

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Just remembered this.....it will be obvious why I blocked it out.....

Just after accepting a ride I got a call from the pax. He told me his friend had just thrown up, but he was not likely to get sick again. Did I want to cancel? New idiot that I was I said OK, I'll have a bag for him, just in case.

Arrived to find 2 teen boys (before I knew about the unaccompanied minors restriction). The one kid had vomited all over himself :frown:! I said no way, but the pax said his friend really needed to get home, only 2 miles. So I made the kid strip off his shirts and double bag them, clean himself up with Lysol wipes and paper towels, double bag the trash. Had the other guy lay down plastic bags on the back seat.

The sick kid, who had been nonresponsive but did as asked, got in the car. His "friend" started cackling hysterically, said I'm not coming. JHIAFSC!

Dropped him off and before I pulled away Mom is at my window. Many questions ending with, do you think they were drinking? No, no hint of alcohol odor, I'm thinking maybe ecstasy, it can make you vomit initially.....get him drug tested.....

Least I could do :wink:.

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