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Silliest things you did as a new driver


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Drove to Pickering Ontario, instead of Pickering St Toronto. I was 5 minutes from Pickering st


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First weekend. Didn't know how to cancel ride. Had no clue about the 5 minute deadline. No show after like 10 minutes. Since I didn't have any idea how to cancel I started trip then ended it. What's funny is that a cancellation fee for driver at that time was $7.50. The minimum fare was $4.00.

Let 5 people in my backseat. Thankfully they were only going 1 mile down street.

Had two pukers. One was bad. The other minimal. Had no idea you could report it and get paid.

It is important to note that I watched the video that UBER provided concerning using the app.

Shocking that they didn't bother to mention how to cancel or be reimbursed for damage to your car, isn't it??


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Spent several hours watching UberMan Randy youtube videos in preparation of the important task of being an Uber driver. Notes were taken but tossed after a day or two.

Drove my first 2 riders for free. Once I arrived at the pickup the screen didn't switch to the start trip screen.I was afraid if i started dinking around with the phone trying to find it I might totally lose the ride.

Also contacted Support about it in the belief they could be helpful.


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Uber: First ping. Had no idea what I was suppose to do on that radar screen. Touched the center of the radar-style circle map, and got the pick-up location. Drove there, and didn't know I was suppose to swipe "Arrived." Pax and mistress enters, and I finally see the "Arrived" button. Swiped, and swiped again to start trip. Arrived at destination, and had no idea I was suppose to swipe up and then swipe end trip.

Offered water to pax.
Declined tips because our TOS said to kindly decline tips and to remind pax that tips are not necessary unless pax INSIST on it, because "we deserved it!"
Wait over 10min on pax.
Drive 6 miles because pax put in the wrong pick-up location.
Drove BASE RATE on X because I didn't know UberPLUS (predecessor of UberSELECT) existed.
Chased surges. Back then, the surge encompassed an entire city, and then some. By the time I entered the surging city, the surge was GONE.
Now you’re just showing off!! :wink:


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Gotta love the Live PD and helicopter action! You get many pick ups at that slummy motel on Green Key & 19? I dread those pick ups.
If you dread it why are you accepting those pings? Don’t make my rookie mistake thinking you must accept every ping. Listen to your gut feeling about potential riders and locations. Your safety is MUCH more important than picking up riders from a sketchy location.

Bus Bozo

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Went out my first day never considering the audible nav and need for a charger, nav was annoying and phone near dead in about 3 hours. Apologized for the nav and told each pax they were my first ride, and each one tipped...thought that was the norm. If only! Started using an earbud and got a charger the next day. :confused:


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I was going to post my story until I read this! Based on today's Uber I would have to agree! I joined this sham organization before it became a sham and I looked forward to driving EVERYDAY. I sure wish it could return to being the business it was in the past.
You...me...and a large number...

of hardcore Uber drivers...

In the beginning I used to wonder...

Just how long before they screwed it up...

I think we found an answer...8>O

Too Late...it's time has passed...8>)

On to the next great adventure...

Anyone up for some Blackjack action...???

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2nd ever ping which was 10 min....which was majority freeway drive, deliver pax .07 miles.

A lesson learned. Welcome to Uber!

The very first 2 days driving on this job, I wore a dress shirt and tie, smh. Stopped that nonsense on day 3.
LOL! That’s pretty cringy
The silliest thing I did as a new driver was not learning the app before going online. I started four years ago. Back then, you had to opt-in to using Google maps. Uber didn't have in-app navigation. But they did have an option to make Google maps your default navigation. So every pickup, I had to manually type in the address when I couldve just pressed a button and let it come up for me. I remember my second pick up, I picked up these two girls who were at a concert and staying at a hotel a few miles away. I asked them where to go and they said "just follow the navigation." I had no idea what they meant because I didn't know how to bring up the navigation.

What pisses me off about drivers today is they don't know how to do pickups. GTFO of traffic. If your obstructing traffic, you're doing your pickup wrong. Sometimes you just gotta cancel. The other day I had a pickup at Lincoln and Wilson (Chicago). There's absolutely no where to pullover at that intersection because it's under construction. The rider wasn't there, so I drove through and cancelled. No fee, which sucks for me, but riders need to be aware of their pickup circumstances, and new drivers need to be aware they can't just obstruct traffic at 5:30 on a Friday night so they can make an extra 5 bucks.


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I confirmed with the Uber Greenlight that the promotion I received is legit so after not having driven in over a year, I am going out this morning and hope to get the job done this week. My promotion will pay me $600 for taking 50 rides. That's $12/ride guarantee. I should be able to hang out downtown or at malls and take those short rides nobody wants (or deserves) and I will get paid. I just hope that Uber does not stop giving me pings after I have about 40 rides under my belt. I have plenty of time to get these 50 rides (mid Jan) but hope to get it all done in a about a week. I will let you know how it goes.


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Waited 7 or 8 minutes for one late pax. Finally walked up to the house and knocked on the door to let them know their Uber was here. Even volunteered to carry their luggage down the driveway to my car. No tip afterwards either.


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What are some of the silliest things you did as a new driver.
1. Tab "Accept" for every single request regardless of rating or distance

2. Chase after those fake surges

3. Taking McDonald deliveries for just $3

4. Without knowing $3.75 is more lucrative than a min-fare $2.29

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