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Silliest things you did as a new driver


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Hi BK...I live in Port Richey...8>)

I get to hear the helicopter...

On Saturday nights too...8>)

We are hosted on LivePD...

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My first ride --- picked up an elderly woman who spoke little English. I accidentally ended the ride ( before it started ) and had no way of knowing where she was going. I could understand little of what she was saying. She finally called her daughter who told me the address and I had to use my GPS to get there.
My thought - This might not be as easy as I thought it would be ! Also, no pay on that one.


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Uber: First ping. Had no idea what I was suppose to do on that radar screen. Touched the center of the radar-style circle map, and got the pick-up location. Drove there, and didn't know I was suppose to swipe "Arrived." Pax and mistress enters, and I finally see the "Arrived" button. Swiped, and swiped again to start trip. Arrived at destination, and had no idea I was suppose to swipe up and then swipe end trip.

Offered water to pax.
Declined tips because our TOS said to kindly decline tips and to remind pax that tips are not necessary unless pax INSIST on it, because "we deserved it!"
Wait over 10min on pax.
Drive 6 miles because pax put in the wrong pick-up location.
Drove BASE RATE on X because I didn't know UberPLUS (predecessor of UberSELECT) existed.
Chased surges. Back then, the surge encompassed an entire city, and then some. By the time I entered the surging city, the surge was GONE.


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Accepted a 2.5x to airport in morning rush, started trip and got out to load luggage. Got back in and swiped again and accidentally ended the trip. Told her to rerequest and accepted the new ping...at base rate. At least she had the decency to throw me a cash tip after I saved her quite a bit of money. I would've rather gave her the tip.
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What are some of the silliest things you did as a new driver.

I'll start with one and embarrass myself.

Way back when I started I was pretty gung ho. One of my first rides wanted to tip me and I tried convincing them it wasn't necessary. (This was back in the days before in app tipping etc, when tips were 'included').
Arrived at a bar to pick up a rider. Rider texts in app and apologizes, changes the PU location. The rider provided the cross streets and the name of the bar. I began to head to the other location. The rider said the location was next to the Panera in the same parking lot. I pulled over and Googled the name of the bar, only to find they don't have any locations in the regional area. I also realized that there was no Panera at that location, and cancelled the ride. I felt silly falling for the rider's game.

I reported the ride to Uber and got the full cancel fee.


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My first night I still took pax after I canceled the ride cause they said their phone died and would tip me in the app never did see that tip


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I forgot to start a trip to the end. I knew the destination. I just didn't know why Uber satnav always pointing backward.


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I forgot to start a trip to the end. I knew the destination. I just didn't know why Uber satnav always pointing backward.
I've done that. The app later asked if I wanted to use the original estimate for the trip. Oh yeah. :smiles:

I think it was in June, right at Tesco started driving.


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When I was a noob

Drove a pax before drop off to McDs long line drive through that took me forever because he said his hungry!

Uber Eats:
Drove a very far delivery drop off for an order that has a wrong delivery address. I even called uber support while driving to report this issue (how noob).

I didn't realize there is a cancel button and a possible free food for me. (I'm a faakin noob) lol

Mista T

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Picked up 5 from the club district (on X) they promised to tip me well. Took them thru McDs (at bar closing time... 15 minutes). We arrived at the apartment and they bolted. Only thing left was a half eaten hamburger bun on the floor, no tip. Bunch of @@@@ing losers. I learned very fast from that one.


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I picked up at a grocery store and helped load and unload . I really earned that 3.75 . Thankfully Uber and LYFT give us plenty of opportunities to learn what not to do .

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