Silent Alarm for Drivers


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Ok so In light of the carjackings lately I think it would be a great idea for Uber and Lyft drivers to have a silent alarm feature in the App. What are all of your thoughts?


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If they're response time to a silent alarm is the same as their response tome to anything else ... what's the point?

I would rather they include some kind of panic button to call 911. What is a silent alarm to some computer console a thousand miles away going to accomplish?


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If I'm not mistaken, they already have this in some markets. Both riders and drivers can push a panic button that notifies law enforcement.


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Where would I find this ... if it exists on my app? I sure haven't seen it.
I have no clue. I don't have it on my app. I think it's being tested in a few select markets. I'll try to find one of the threads where I read about this.

I did read in the news that this was one of the new features in the works among other things. It seems like this should be a big priority.