signing up in L.A.


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I've been driving for Uber for a few months and plan on signing up with Lyft to see what the $1,000 guarantee is all about.. I've got an appointment with a "Mentor" what does this Mentor do and what should I plan for?


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They call it a mentor, but in Dallas/Fort Worth, it's a guy/girl that shows up with a check list. When you meet with them, they check off the boxes, take a test ride with you down the street and back, take a pic of your car and you and submit it to Lyft. They're basically confirming in person that you are legal to drive, a safe driver and presentable to the pax. Others on this forum have given feedback that their mentor was a gung-ho Lyft koolaid drinker, some are very judgmental, and some are like I described.

I'm not suggesting you would do any of this, but some people that get rejected think this meeting is an instagram contest, or an audition for a reality show, so unfortunately this has to be said:
  • take a shower before you go
  • show up with the car you submitted in your application
  • take your current registration, driver's license and proof of insurance
  • make sure your car is clean inside and out, and no serious damage
  • don't bring anyone else with you, not even your kids
  • follow a presentable dress code, don't wear anything with holes or obnoxious/offensive phrases
  • don't use profanity
  • when they take the trip with you, drive safe and follow all rules of the road
  • don't text, take or make calls
  • it doesn't hurt to be friendly, get along and avoid complaining about anything
I signed up before the end of last year, so they may have tweaked it one way or another.


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^^^^°°°°°^^^^^^^^^ what he said. Applied in San Diego, had mentor ride two days later, approved four days later.