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Joseph W.

I've been told by a friend who works for Uber in their p.r. department that it is for the various outages they've had. The bonus amount is based on the length of the outrage in each city adjusted by the city's average earnings per driver. And no, Uber did not suddenly grow integrity. They been losing drivers to Lyft at a significant rate, so they've now changed tactics and decided to be more "driver friendly' for the foreseeable future.

uber fool

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Yah they stiffed on some trips friday & did not give me any bonuses.
Guess me, poor basterd and the anti uber pool bloggers took a few for the sake of the team
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Wth. I got nothing. All i got were some @@@@@y and some new riders who wanted a limo service by paying X fees.

Complaining to Uber about dirty vehicle. Old yeah, BUT dirty @@@@ no. And complaining about some other bullshit to justify their narcissistic bullshit low rating.
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