Sidecar gives up on Virginia

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"Sidecar Operations in VirginiaDue to extreme regulatory requirements,Sidecar is longer allowed to offer our ridesharing service in the state of Virginia beginning on July 1st, 2015. In order to make things easy for our driver community, we've created a 'geofence' that will block riders from requesting rides with pickup or drop off locations in Virginia. Delivery requests will still be allowed in Virginia, however, drivers must remove all Sidecar trade dress when completing deliveries. If you are displaying Sidecar trade dress, officials may assume that you are giving rides and potentially stop you. Sidecar will not be responsible for any citations or fines given to drivers who do not observe the restrictions mentioned above. For more details, click here."


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Sidecar never had even temporary operating authority (TOA) in Virginia (Lyft and Uber/Rasier had TOA since August 2014), and apparently did not apply for certification under the Virginia TNC law going into effect today.