Side car sign-up?

Don Wren

Hello all -

I am trying to sign up for Sidecar, but noticed that, on my smartphone when I open up the app, the only option is "Sign up through Facebook". My question being: Is this truly the only way to sign up for Sidecar? I am not a Facebook user nor ever cared for signing to open a FB account at all. So in this case, am I basically locked out of signing up for Sidecar? I don't believe that that either Uber or Lyft require this. Am I basically forced to create a FB account then?

Anyone with any knowledge or thoughts on this?

Thanks for any input you may have on here. Look forward to hearing from the more informed than me.



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It is not required as far as I know.

Lyft used to require FB to signup, but that was up until about 6 months ago or more.


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The quickest activation ever. 3 hrs from sign up to final phone call saying I was active. I told them I drive for Uber and Lyft and wanted to throw them into the mix.


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@Bill Feit,

I attempted to sign up using your code. However it to me sidecar isn't in my city. DUH! I don't live in SF I live about 30 min away. So I got rejection email saying sidecar is coming soon to my area and to keep checking in.

If you sign up, and the city on your home address is not in the "sidecar" market, but you drive in the area the Sidecar operates - then send a support e-mail to them. I had the same thing happen. Sidecar operates in Chicago, but I live in a suburb. Sidecar hasn't really reached the suburbs yet, so I was rejected. I was able to get this resolved, but it took like 2 or 3 weeks.