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Show your support for Uber to return to Singapore


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How many trips you drive for Grab per week?
Over is over, past is past. Don't look back. Grab in fact is better now. In turn of benefit and incentive comparing to past grab and Uber.
And what is your average gross for p week?

Is the your average gross per week for 100 trips is below $1400.

Please dun say good things about GRAB.


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If one is in the sapphire or diamond category, the overall earning (fare + goodies + incentive) can be very decent .... I don’t really need to slog like a GJ driver and have to face all the nonsense from GJ cheapo passengers day in day out. That’s why I am reluctant to switch despite that GJ is dangling a $100 b4 us to buy a Android phone. Not sure what others think, I am only speaking from my own perspective......btw my gem cash incentive from grab has gone up even with the same number of trips I need to put in. Fare grossing $1400 per 100 trips is easily possible for Sapphire and I usually drive 6 days per week and not more than 10 hours if I dun have project on hand. Not too bad I guess..... :wink:
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Drivers kpkb.

Riders kpkb.

CCCS kpkb.....

Think Uber is holier? Would you like to see Uber 2.0 in Singapore?

Riders and drivers, it’s time to let your voices be heard whether it’s a nay or yeah.
Spoiler: Strictly for uber hardcore

Now, in downunder, this is what i call 'a happy ending'.

Now Aussie uber drivers kpkb - kao pay kao bonus. 靠Pay靠补

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