Should we be able to double/triple dip on Uber? X+XL+Select etc?


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I sometimes turn on X when it surges around 3x, I usually snag a decent ride out of it. However I feel kind of dirty because I am snagging that ride from full time X drivers. Maybe X+XL isn't bad, but SUV+Black+Select, or Select+X seems unfair to the full timers on each of those.

I think driver saturation would be less, or seem less if they had drivers stick to one platform, I like being able to double dip, but others probably double dip on me as well.


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Not sure how that's double dipping since you're still only occupying 1 fare at a time. If the surge is truly due to high demand then the other X's should be busy too and your not taking anything from anyone.
What better? 3+ surge on X where you only pay 20% to Uber or standard Select and you give up 28%? Gotta do what makes the most since for you.


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In my market, uber doesn't want to give drivers select only ot xl only accounts anymore. Driving multiple platforms at once reduces the chance of surge.

I think drivers should do what is most profitable to them