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Should uber allow you to change ratings after a tip in app?


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It doesn't really matter, it's not like you'll ever see them again.
Depends on your market. I see repeat PAX all the time. Regulars weekly or more, tourists multiple times in the same week. And also repeat tourists from 6-9 months ago. Hell I had one young lady 5 times one Saturday night as she was bar hopping all night long. At one point I asked her if she was stalking me, we both got a good laugh out of it.


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So many times I'll give aower star rating to a pax going to New York or airport with no cash tip and later on get a delay tip in the app. Should uber allow you to adjust your ratings after an in app tip
What is change when downrate??? What is change when 5 star??? Exactly, quick time to close trip. Tips, compliments, badge, rating nothing change. Only money from trips that what make you satisfied. Remember no one or some people tip the driver. Those tips don’t change you life. Rating is useless. Time is valuable. 5star quick and faster way to next request....,


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I've been thinking for the longest time now that part of the information they should be presenting in the ping is the Percentage of rides a rider tips, and the percent of the fares the driver tips.

Percent tip of rides, and Percent tip per fare:

Rider 1 PTOR: 0% PTPF: 0%,
Rider 2 PTOR: 90% PTPF: 10%

That first rider would quickly get the freaking hint he better start tipping or get better shoes 'cause he's going to be doing a lot of walking. The second rider would find herself picked up quickly and with a smile on my face happy to serve.

Uber created this freakin stupid rider non-tipping culture and it's doing next to nothing to fix it when fixing it would be next to trivial, and cost them nothing.

I suspect they don't want to because they're capturing tips from tipping pax by increasing their fares on the basis that if they're willing to tip they're probably willing to pay more for the ride. Do I know that for a fact no, but I dang sure suspect it.
Just like Uber says now on a long pickup, they could say on the Ping request, "Tip possible" (based on Pax's history of tipping).