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should I call/text before I cancel?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Bubbajr, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    Lol, wow, harsh but true.

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  2. cratter

    cratter Active Member

    Grand Forks, ND
    Just requested an Uber. Watched the map as he arrived. Uber sent me a message saying he arrived and please meet the driver at the pickup location. Went smooth, except the driver went to Pizza Hut instead of Burger King...sometimes as a pax I'll send a text with my location sometimes I like to see if they can figure it out themselves. But he's new.
  3. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    Usually this is a rider intelligence test which most fail. Like pinning your location at the point where you poop at, or back yard. Setting location is a two step process and a lot of riders skip the more accurate 2nd part where they can pick the exact curb they will be on or which side of the building, etc.

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  4. cratter

    cratter Active Member

    Grand Forks, ND
    I will say sharing live location is a nice step and makes finding the pax easier and more accurate. They still need to show the drivers the building outlines like Lyft and the uber passenger app.
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    MUGATS Moderator Moderator

    Maximizing your time involves situational awareness.

    If a 4.9 pax says 2 mins and it puts you over the magical 5 minute barrier, who cares....

    You are at the location of a potential customer and you don’t have to expend any more fuel or add more wear and tear to your vehicle to find a new pax.

    Your assumption that there is an insta-ping waiting for you the minute you cancel is just that.

    In reality, absolutely best case scenario you likely have to wait a minute or two for the next ping, then a 2-3 minute drive to the location. Only to be confronted with the exact same scenario of waiting again. Maybe your next rider makes you wait 4:45 before sauntering out. I have waited 2 more minutes, because of a text, you’re likely a minimum of 8-9 minutes before engaging your next ride.

    So you’re going to go through the process again because you’re unwilling to send a free text, while sitting waiting for your pax to get to the car?

    Sure you get the $5 cancel fee, but you’ve already wasted 5 minutes to get it, and I’ve waited 7 minutes and left with the rider..... I can guarantee the average fare in most markets exceeds $5.

    Again you completely failed to address the fact that the rider app does glitch (frequently) I have had dozens and dozens of pax get in my car, apologize to me for making me wait and tell me that the app was telling them I was still 4 minutes away. The text brought them out. Who knows how much time I have gained as many likely sped up to try and get out sooner because of the text message I send.

    Relying on the Uber app exclusively to wrangle your passengers into your vehicle is passive and hurts your bottom line.

    We have wonderful technology that can easily be employed to make driving Uber even easier.

    To me it is just laziness or indifference that would prevent anyone from sending a simple pre-loaded text that could potentially save you time and money.

    As a rider, why wouldn’t you always divulge your location as accurately as possible?

    If the rider decides to sit at Pizza Hut once the proximity of the GPS determines he is at the pickup location, the only one who can lose is YOU if he decides to put forth a poor effort to find you and collects his $5.

    You want the driver to “figure it out” but it’s you that has the key identifying information to complete the pickup (driver vehicle type/colour and license plate). He has a name.... and an approximation of a location.

    You want the driver to figure it out (likely by texting you) but as a driver you are unwilling to extend the same effort to find your pax?

    It seems like you’re more worried about proving some sort of strange point or playing games than actually getting to your destination.
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  6. cratter

    cratter Active Member

    Grand Forks, ND
    Yeah I play games by playing by Ubers rules. As a pax and drivers. I always go above and beyond...i walked to pizza hut to get into the uber. No complaints.

    The only point is to see how accurately some uber drivers can use the app. I'm the type that likes to see how smart people are. How intuitive they are. Always learning.

    He also had a 4.5 rating. Spoke broken English and had trouble putting the car in gear...as we approach the movie theatre I heard his phone say turn left but keep driving forwars....half block ahead of the destination asks this it? "Yeah this is fine."
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    MUGATS Moderator Moderator

    Evaluating fellow drivers as a hobby seems weird to me.... but whatever floats your boat I guess.
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  8. Gilby

    Gilby Member

    Wausau, WI
    I did my first cancelation today. Went to a pickup address that I had been to before. At the four minute mark I sent a reminder text that I was outside the main entrance to this small apartment building. Hit the five minute mark, still no show. I waited an additional minute, then canceled.
  9. cratter

    cratter Active Member

    Grand Forks, ND
    Car is in the shop getting an autostart put in. But youre right I do enjoy seeing how good the competition is. :D
  10. UberUber81

    UberUber81 Well-Known Member

    I pull up, I wait one to two minutes, then I lock doors rotate away from where I think the pax would be coming out of. Cancel no-show at 5 mins collect fee.
  11. UberLaLa

    UberLaLa Well-Known Member

    LaLa Land
    As soon as I roll up, if passenger is not standing outside waiting for me, I text:

    Uber out front. Thanks

    SMS is more reliable than Data and/or Uber's PM. Many of my Riders thank me for the text, saying, Uber said you were 2 minutes away. Sometimes when they get in the car they finally get the notice from Uber, that I have arrived.
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  12. UsedToBeAPartner

    UsedToBeAPartner Well-Known Member

    Houston, TX
    You should also have marked yourself as arrived about a block out to give them the heads up. If they don't have toes on the curb, call immediately and let them know that you are outside NOW. If there is any hesitation in their voice give them about a minute and then pull around the corner. Don't answer any calls or texts and cancel at 5:01. See ya!
  13. roadman

    roadman Well-Known Member

    sounds like you are an ethical person. You have no business driving for Uber. No call or text, never answer phone. Always no show cancel every chance you can.
  14. FlexGuyJim

    FlexGuyJim Member

    Not sure about the whole pax app issues with driver arrivals, guess it depends on your market...but after 1000's of rides given, my app has Never failed to state "I've Arrived and Pax Notified" upon my arrival!....so I tend to side with those who question/call bs on the whole "but the app said you were 4min away" thing.

    It's worth repeating....
    * Our riders can see and receive an ETA before and after they request their ride.
    * Our riders can watch us turn for turn in the app on our way to pick them up.
    * Our riders are notified when we have arrived and are waiting.
    * Our riders are "Now Notified a 2nd Time" while we are waiting (newly added as part of 180 Days of Change).
    * Our riders are given 5 minutes to come out to the ride they requested.
    * Our riders agreed to the pick-up time guidelines and cancellation fees when they signed up.

    After all this communication, why should/would we "train" our riders that we are willing and able to wait even longer by having to make additional texts and phones calls to them....kind of defeats the purpose of all the above. (my only exception is a single call to a large surge rider, other than that it's "5 then drive")

    One could also argue, that in the case of a bad input/pin drop...it's up to the rider to "text/call their driver" with their correct location, as they are still notified upon our arrival at the location They input or dropped when their driver arrives at it. Same goes for a pax who is delayed.

    We're all already working hard enough to "untrain" our riders that Tips are not Included....why train them in new ways to waste a driver's time and money?

    It's also been my experience that riders who don't respect your time...typically, don't respect your rating or the need to tip a job well done!
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  15. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Well-Known Member

    I text, why not? It doesn't kill me.
    Sometimes they're just up the street or something and it's a bad pin drop.
    Sometimes you can learn from early contact that they're indeed a piece of excrement. Then you can bail before you even have to deal with it. :)
  16. 4.9 forever

    4.9 forever Well-Known Member

    San Jose, Ca
    I have seen people justifying rudeness blaming it on 'bad pin drop' or some such thing. The rider can see where the pin is, just like the driver. They can and should fix it, not use it as an excuse to be rude and not meet their end of the bargain.
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  17. cratter

    cratter Active Member

    Grand Forks, ND
    The pax app also now tell thems after two minutes you will be charged wait time which is nice.

    18 trips given today. Not one app glitch as all were in the vehicle in under five minutes.
    Well there is this one guy who is a quasi regular. I pulled up send a text "I'm in the back of the bar" (his go to pickup spot).....hes a regular so I waited six minutes...I see him get out of the bar and hop into the waiting taxi!....waat?! ha Dude likes to drink heavy though.
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  18. onionhead

    onionhead Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    If it’s dead and I know cancelling will mean waiting another 10 minutes before the next ping... I will text them at the 4 minute mark “what r u doing.”

    As a driver I never request a ride and then stay inside my apartment until they arrive. I am already outside when I request and wait there at the pickup. So I will never sympathize with late pax. I think they are scum. With the exception of women who would rather not wait around at the curb at night in the cold.

    Also, some pax claim the app says I’m still 5 minutes away when I’ve already been there 2 minutes. I do sometimes not believe this claim.
  19. kdyrpr

    kdyrpr Well-Known Member

    Call and ask them if they still desire a ride. "OK, great you do". "where you headed to"? "Right around the corner!". OK. CANCEL, rider no show.....made 75 cents more and didn't move.
  20. Shakur

    Shakur Well-Known Member

    Why? Your posts make zero sense. If you see him sitting at Pizza Hut and you're at bk why not just say something if it means enough to bring it up later in a forum.

    The critics of drivers are ridiculous, they have more "professional" services if you require them. The next step is a taxi and after that you can hire professional drivers...google has an extensive list of both servicing most areas. But nah, y'all don't want that because both options cost too much, that 8 dollar ride you are critiquing would've been 22 in a taxi and 30 in a hired.

    You get what you pay for, regardless of the car, uber and lyft are cheap, A to B rides. Sit back, enjoy the ride and get out when it's over.

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