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Should Amazon fix the issue of people reselling their jobs for hundreds of dollars?

Discussion in 'Flex' started by Flexed Pay, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Flexed Pay

    Flexed Pay New Member

    Please vote, I believe this poll will show drivers are mad at Amazon for allowing bots to steal all the driving work. It's like the Amazon delivery mafia!!

    Hi all. I've driven commercially for 10 years, tried just about everything. I used to do pretty well with Amazon Flex but not anymore. I can't compete with hackers using bots to get all the work. Why is Amazon allowing this to happen? Now I'm considerring paying $400 a month to get blocks. $400 is the best deal I could find, others were asking $600.



    I read this thread (https://uberpeople.net/threads/make-your-own-fast-amazon-flex-block-grabber-step-by-step.188718/) on how to create my own bot app but it's over my head technically.

    How are you guys getting work out there? Are you paying for blocks? And with Amazon manipulating tips (https://uberpeople.net/threads/prim...ur-tips-to-lower-their-base-pay-to-us.145756/) is it worth it anymore?
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  2. grams777

    grams777 Moderator Moderator

    $400 is cheap. I've been seeing quotes in threads and other places at over $550 per month.

    If Amazon in some cities also allocates away another $4 per hour in tips (like it seems in my city), that's another $700 a month lost based on 40 hours per week.

    So in all between the professional bot services and Amazon's tip game, that's nearly $1300 a month getting ripped off per full time driver or equivalent.

    Bottom line, drivers who get this 1-2 combo punch, may be working for nothing after expenses. The only profit is the tips from their second and after stops each hour:

    $4 bot service
    $4 Amazon tip siphoning (some cities)
    $10 car, phone, other expenses & value of unpaid time
    $18 Total expenses

    $0 Net profit

    Profit comes from the tips from stops 2 and after in an hour. Everything else is on the house (driver).
  3. soupergloo

    soupergloo Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    don't count on anything changing, i've been doing Flex for almost a year now and have seen it get consistently worse.

    Not only did they merge our warehouse with 5 other warehouses to compete with, they continue to onboard new drivers and using a bot is the only way you can get blocks.

    Amazon doesn't want us turning this into a full time job, but do they really think the average person is going to sit for hours fishing for blocks the old fashion way to hopefully get some part time hours?!
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  4. grams777

    grams777 Moderator Moderator


    The flex collector needs the money for your next hour....
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  5. Basmati

    Basmati Well-Known Member

    Miami, FL
    Just FYI, the last screenshot where the guy explains how he doesn't use automation tools is the problem in Miami at the moment. The hackers have literally found a way to manually assign the blocks.
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  6. Flexed Pay

    Flexed Pay New Member

    Anyone know the legalities for the hackers selling the blocks? Nothing against it in the Amazon TOS?
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  7. grams777

    grams777 Moderator Moderator

    Sure sounds like actual hacking if someone only needs your account information, isn't using automation, and you can be logged in at the same time. Perhaps someone observed a login or put a keystroke logger on an amazon terminal to get a warehouse login.

    Either that or someone has access to the system and is getting paid off. That's going to beat any bot system since the blocks will never be made available.

    The message seems to say they somehow manually assign them which ensures you get the blocks rather than leave it up to chance.

    I've seen them manually assign blocks to drivers at the warehouse, so I know it can be done without dropping it to everyone.

    The method where the blocks are assigned without automation sounds like an exploit of a security flaw or unauthorized access within the system itself.

    Automation generally just does what the app is doing but faster, so would seem to be less of a problem.

    But, I haven't read the TOS lately nor do I remember them.
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  8. Marco55

    Marco55 Active Member

    Fort worth
    Probably those are x amazon employee or current who have access to Amazon flex accounts ! Sound like is inside job! Amazon should launch an investigation by posing as drivers and tracking the hookers(hackers)
  9. Behemoth

    Behemoth Active Member

    Chicago, IL
    After reading this thread I feel the same.
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  10. miauber1x831

    miauber1x831 Well-Known Member

    Sunny Isles
    LOL $400 a month? You crazy??
  11. canfin

    canfin New Member

    Tampa, Florida
    Prime now, not logistics. 2 hrs blocks average around $60 in my location
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  12. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    The " TICKETMASTER" of Amazon.
    You pay us to give you what you used to get.

    " GIG ECONOMY" has a Basturd child.
  13. uberer2016

    uberer2016 Well-Known Member

    Uber HQ
    Here I am enjoying logistics with blocks a plenty. Keep up the good fight, prime warriors!!
  14. RickCMC

    RickCMC Member

    What city do you drive in? I do logistics and blocks are definitely not plentiful for me.
  15. Fubernuber

    Fubernuber Well-Known Member

    You have to be flexible to work for amazon. Bend over and flex hard for bezos.
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  16. Cynergie

    Cynergie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco


    This is exactly what I've been saying all along.

    What if Besos decided to stop being such a hypocritical liberal (i.e. an open closet, fanatical capitalist) and show some TLC SJW concern for the peasants making him so filthy rich via Prime Now/Fresh & Prime Logistics? What if he decided Amazon should get of its rear end and do something about this racket? If so, it wouldn't surprise me if they attempted to infiltrate this gig by posing hired 3rd party cyber security personnel as flex drivers. Particularly at the heaviest trafficked WHs like in Miami where this appears to have become an epidemic.

    Mentioned this earlier in another thread and got ridiculed for the suggestion. My guess is the most virulently opposed posters are most likely the ppl who're colluding and actively keeping this racket going. lmao.

    Most likely in SF & SF Bay Area because this is one of the cities/national regions where demand always exceeds supply. Especially since Amazon's customers in SF are typically young & single, with highly disposable incomes because of the tech industry and other white collar industries like finance.

    SF Amazon customers in particular, are typical Millennals who possess fickle and mercurial online consumer habits. And so typically tend to purchase on whim. I end up delivering anything from 4 lb boxes of toilet paper, to 75 lb bag pet food, to health food, to the latest IT/glam smart phone accessory for their phones/wireless devices. Can't tell you how many times I've delivered to scores of customers living in white collar SF apt slums. Then discover the customers completely forgot they ordered a ton of junk online. And so are completely baffled as to why you're annoying them with their apt buzzer. lol.
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  17. Placebo17

    Placebo17 Well-Known Member

    Why are there 18 "NO" votes? Are these the idiots that are paying for blocks? Just pathetic...
  18. jester121

    jester121 Well-Known Member

    I demand a recount.
  19. Jesusdrivesuber

    Jesusdrivesuber Well-Known Member

    close to mongolia
    This is an inside job or they managed to get admin access.

    I will go with inside job since a place like amazon is usually built like a fortress against unauthorized access gained by hacking tools, be it key loggers or exploits.

    Miami has a serious problem with hackers and identity thieves, legit drivers should band and email the higher tiers to conduct an investigation or risk leaking this out to the press.

    What that guy is offering is to macro for you with his script by giving him account access.
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  20. Cynergie

    Cynergie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    lmao. This explains their diligent oversight in checking primitive hacks like using bots the likes FREP. Amazon simply isn't motivated to do anything about this racket. The money these script app hackers are taking off the top from this racket is literally pennies on the dollar given the billions Amazon makes annually.
    Quickest way to do this indirectly and anonymously, would be leaking it to the local news media outlets. The worst of the Amazon WHs like Miami hubs would be crawling with press paparazzi within a day. And Amazon HQ would be losing their E. Coli. Only time would tell if the PR fallout would be enough to push them into doing anything about it. Probably not though. Like Uber, Amazon has grown too big to fail in the PR arena IMO. The services it provides are too invaluable to the consumer.

    Amazon Fresh in particular, is huge in a densely populated and health conscious city like SF. The city topography (hilly, steep terrain, overcrowded streets, lack of parking etc) make it unfeasible for the average person to drive their POV to the supermarket. And it's also a generational/cultural/statistical fact that the majority of Millennials DON'T want to own or drive their own POVs. This creates a heavy dependency on Amazon services (This is also why LyfUber is responsible for making up some 130% of the city's traffic volume on a daily basis btw). Same for big cities like NYC and Chicago where Amazon most likely makes its biggest profits. Nope. Amazon services aren't going anywhere anytime soon IMO.

    That's like giving him power of attorney....
    If you make the mistake of linking any of your other emails/online personal account info to your amazon account (like through gmail which lets you synchronize ALL your email accounts or FB etc) hackers like this guy could have potential backdoor access to your personal email account as well. I can't believe ppl are dumb enough to be giving out personal Amazon login info. Never underestimate the desperation of a drowning man clutching straws.
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