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Short term PCO Vehicle hire (2 weeks max)

Discussion in 'London' started by 450XD, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Me again, sorry about that. I have a simple question/dilemma.

    I am looking to hire a PCO Vehicle for 2 weeks with Ins,, I want to work as much as possible and as time allows during the period of 25/06 - 8th or 9th/07. I have been working for an events team in London and have had no real time to look too deep into this matter.

    I have hired from Open start and they were great and could possibly hire out a vehicle but hire and deposit for that period is high £250 pw and £500 deposit. I found a company called Drover which seems to run in the same way that zip car does,. Has anyone them? I really want to work the weekend as my better half is away and I can just work work work.

    The reason I want to the 2 weeks is that I am covering Farnborough airshow for 10days and my car wont be PHV'd until 30/6. Farnborough's money is paid on the last day of September and I would like some extra cash for the holiday and to replace the cooker that just broke (main oven only knackered) I also just spent a grand
    on a my new E class deposit.

    I will then be using the E Class for a private chauffeur company on occasions.

    Any sensible ideas chaps?

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  2. paruzzo



    I can recommend Drover. I hired a vehicle from them for 3 weeks before I bought my own.
    Deposit was only £199, great service, no issues at all.
    You could possibly get something for £215PW.
    If you would like me to refer you, you will get £100 off.
    Message me if you would like to get more info.

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  3. Ok Seb,

    I will have a look.
  4. D1991


    What car u looking for ? Any pco ? I've got a black Honda Insight come take it 300£ for two weeks 100£ deposit
  5. Is that with Insurance? Where are you?

    I am happy with any uber x/XL as long as they have never been smoked in.

    Cheers JL
  6. D1991


    It's a none smoker Honda Insight pco black colour
    No insurance can arrange via haven if you wish
  7. Many thanks for your helpful replies.

    I am trying out DROVER as it suits for the time being and as I wanted to cain Uber during the weekend as my better half is away in Germany for 3 days and I have some down time before the airshow begins 11/07. Docs uploaded and approved in hours they have been helpful throughout as well. 2016 new shape Prius for £215 inc fully comp insurance.

    Next time I will be more organised (I tell myself that many times lol) Well at least I have my road trip to Albania organised, I can't wait for a month of sun, sea and vitamin D, I didn't want to be rude anyway at 36C its too hot ;-)
  8. Taz7


    You'll burn to death in that temperature...
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