Shore guarantees this weekend??

Chi Bones

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Nice guarantee - $40 per hr. At the Shore. Only need 1 ride per hour. Pretty good! I will probably put in a few hours


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The only thing that's guaranteed is that Fuber will try to screw the drivers out of the guarantees using every vague and confusing loophole at their disposal.


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I worked the shore on Memorial Day Weekend for a guarantee (I think it was $30 or 40 an hour I forget). Anyway, I met all the criteria by just answering every ping. That's it. Didn't cancel on anyone, had a few pax cancel on me while I was on my way for whatever reasons. There may have been 1 or 2 pings that were 12 minutes away, everything else was under 10. The first few hours I was doing at least 2 rides per hour. I did manage to find a "hiding spot" somehow for a while to take a breather while staying online.. took a little over an hour off for bathroom, gas, food, etc. Got paid the difference with no problems, I was satisfied. I worked from 4pm-130am roughly and then headed home. Didn't feel like doing the last 90 minutes with the super drunks.. I didn't get screwed out of any money. It was pretty easy actually.. I'll be there this weekend Fri and Sat for sure.. might take Sunday/Monday to chill out and be a pax lol..