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Les Ants,

I'm interested to know 1) how complete of a driver profile do the ants have; and 2) what specific information you provide in the share your story section:
a) Fun fact
b) Other Experience
c) Why I drive
d) Tagline from the top of your profile

Looking forward to the responses.




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The problem with sharing this information is that it would help Uber link my Uber account to my profile, so I lose anonymity and the ability to bash Uber without fear of consequences.


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Actually... Some of them do. Very small percentage, of course, but they do. The only thing I list in there is the languages I speak and I do occasionally get questions about those.
I've gotten quite a few comments on my tagline - don't recall any comments on the share your story section.


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I don’t have much info in my profile. Driving is something i do to unwind and to relieve stress. Especially when my mother in law comes in for a couple of weeks. In my real life I’m a Data Scientist for one of the major banks, have my employer’s badge with me most of the time, i do it purposely to keep pax holes quiet and not share their great success life stories

Ian Richard Markham

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a) Fun fact - "I won the New Mexico Statewide Geography Bee in the sixth grade."
b) Other Experience - "Medical devices, enterprise technology, gadgets"
c) Why I drive - "I need something to do at night"
d) Tagline from the top of your profile - "I have uncorrected 20/20 vision and I drive smooth."