Share Your First Trip Story!


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And now....from the same guy who brought you "@@@@ You Cabbie Piece of Shit!!" and also "You're an IDIOT and no one on here likes you!!" comes a heartwarming new thread about the stories of your first Uber rides!!!

Here's mine!

It was a Triangle (Guad/NLamar) pickup around 9:00pm in March and it was two college dudes going to a friends condo on W 6th. I told them it was my first Uber drive and we talked about that. Talked about how they liked living in the Triangle, which I sometimes go to for the bars/restaurants/gym. It was all pretty normal and pleasant...compared to what I now know as normal and pleasant. Fare was about $12.50 as I recall. (Today of course the same fare would be $9.75!) There was one thing that stood out though.....I Forgot To Engage The Fare!!!! What a Noob!!! So they got a free ride and I got a free lesson. I've never done it since so I guess it was worth it.

How about you bums? Any interesting first trips out there?


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My first ride was a Friday night and my pax was a former driver. He gave me some tips on how to do things, thus why I do not troll around for rides. Nice guy but for one thing he had me drop him off on a dead end street and the only way to turn around was to put my front tires over the train tracks. 1hr later I have a low air pressure warning light going off. Lesson learned here was don't trust your Pax's to look out for you and your car.


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My first ride was a pickup at Charles Schwab on 183. Her boyfriend was an UBER driver as well so we talked a lot about UBER. About halfway thru the 22 mile trip, I realized I had not started the trip. I told her to tell her BF she just got a Noobie Rate on the ride. Not to make that same mistake again, I took great pains on the second trip that day. I MADE SURE I started the trip. Just as I was leaving his parking lot, I glanced at my app and noticed a red bar. I panicked and slid that bar, thinking I had not started the ride. Instead, that ended the trip, so he got to his destination for about $3. Live and learn. :smiles:

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First trip was from northwest Austin all the way to East 6th on a Monday night. $35 fare, and I thought all of them would be that good. Rider was totally laid back and talkative, even cracked a joke about taking my "uber virginity".

I still prefer the longer rides. I endure some of the short ones.