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SF East Bay


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According to the mods this is how to get a new city added to the forum. There’s already an SF forum and SF Peninsula/South Bay forum. Creating one for SF East/North Bay would make sense IMO.

If you agree, reply in this thread.


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Yes... Please start a SF - East Bay Forum. They gave me a link to try at an earlier post. SF is a different animal & only drive there in the mornings or special events. I jet every other time. I do drive heavily in silicon valley as well.


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Yes. Please add East Bay... I hardly drive North bay but it may be wise to include smaller markets like North Bay since South Bay already has a forum. SF - North/East Bay sounds reasonable.


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I would be grateful for an East bay forum just so I can figure out how to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible, learn traffic patterns, areas to avoid at all costs, etc. In case I do get stuck over there, where is the best massage parlor with happy endings. I've often wondered about this...


Yes please.
East Bay is a subregion in Lyft with it's own rate card (which Lyft is not very forthcoming about). It pays less but my chances of being in an accident seem less than the city. Curious to hear from folks who avoid the area before we split the forum...


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I actually prefer the East Bay. Rates are lower but the time/miles are longer than the Peninsula, plus lots of good pool rides to hit quests with. Airport rides are quicker and rematches are frequent (never bother with the airport queue). It also feels safer than the city. All my close calls have been in the city; none in the EB. I also live in Berkeley so when it's slow I can just hang at home waiting for pings, as I'm doing right now.


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The East part of Oakley (near Brentwood) has Stockton/Sac rates - for Lyft. Drivers need to know this.

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