set a destination is a joke

Is it only me that have a big problem with the "set a destination option" with both Uber and Lyft?I live in rockland county ny. but i do not like to work in the Suburbs reason being you drive an average of 15-20 minutes to pick up a pax that just going a few blocks.Anyway i usually set my destination to Hoboken NJ that where i have been working going on 4 yrs.i would always get ping 20 minutes away ,i do sometimes call but to be honest i hate to have to be calling every time to find out where they are going.. So i drive the 20 minutes hoping the pax going at least near to Hoboken, never happen they usually going near by.And the same in Hoboken when i finish working and ready to go home i will try it again,that's the worst because you are tired and want to go home but i mostly get a pax going the opposite direction.I stop using it.what about you guys how is your experience?


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I have great experience with it I used it commuting to and from work (25 miles) and it worked about half the time. It's not perfect, sometimes I would get a ride that would not get me any closer but at the same time it didn't take me further away so can't complain. I will say the drive are options are pretty worthless since for the Denver area at least they don't make any sense


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Well it's hit and miss. Sometimes I get a short ride. Sometimes a ride straight to where I'm going. But I've never had a ride in the wrong direction.


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I rarely get a rider when it's on but it does allow me to write off the mileage all the way back to my driveway because the app is always on