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Like most other states, New York State requires U/L drivers to transport people with service animals. This is a notable exception to the general rule that as an independent contractor a driver may refuse any fare at any time for any reason. Refusal is illegal, a violation of both Federal and State Laws, plus the first occurrence can get a driver permanently deactivated. It does not matter:
  • If you are afraid.
  • If you are allergic.
  • If another passenger (UberPool) is afraid or allergic.
  • If you believe the passenger is lying about the service animal.
  • If there are any problems or questions during the ride then you should complain afterwards to customer service.
Service animals should be trained to sit quietly at the owner's feet or in their lap.
The relevant laws are discussed in detail here and in the attachments.


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The last service animal in my car was very well behaved, didn't shed, or make a mess :biggrin:

"I'm afraid of being possessed or being turned into a werewolf," are not valid reasons either :wink:
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I have been driving for Uber since December 6th, 2016 and as of today I've received a notification about deactivation of my driver's account.
Deactivation has occurred due to a report of "refusing a service dog." I have never told the rider that I do not accept service dogs. I cancelled the ride when a text message popped up on my phone's screen saying that I was going to pick up different passengers other than the person who requested the trip. I had a bad experience in the past when the original rider requested Uber for someone else. I have been very careful about not letting any people if the owner of rider account isn't there. As I cancelled the ride I was able to read the whole text message and I found out that the rider also informed me about the service dog. Unfortunately, it was late to pick up these passengers. After few hours, my account was put on hold and I contacted Uber's support center and told them exactly what had happened on my part.
A support agent has called me today and we discussed what happened. After our conversation has ended, I received an email about deactivation two hours later. I think, this is unfair because my account has been deactivated on assumptions from the rider who claimed that I cancelled the trip request after being informed about the service dog. I cancelled the request after the text has popped up on my screen for a second or two and was able to read only the very few words about picking up different people.

Please advice me on how to approach this issue and I also felt bad for being deactivated for refusing a service dog. I have accepted one or two in the padt and always have been welcoming pets into the vehicle.

Thank you!