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Did a pool last night (blah blah blah, don't do poo....yes, I know, but i kinda need the quest this week) and have a story to share and question about service animals. Already had1 pax in the car and stop to pick up another. It's a younger guy and girl (late teens/early 20's) with a 3 or 4 month old pit bull. They were walking straight from BART so I was their first "attempt" (that should be a clue on how this ends up). He opens the door:

Me: "oh you have a dog",
Him: "ya it's a service dog". I wait 2 or 3 seconds to respond as I look the dog over and then look back at him.
Me: "that's not a service dog...but
Him: "no, it's service dog."
Me: "...whatever, i'll take you guys as long as he doesn't make a mess and can sit still."

Now, I let them in because I'm a nice guy and it was raining. But basically, I didn't want the dog to get even more wet than he was. Didn't really care about them since they had jackets and the dog had nothing.

Him: "it is a service dog".
Me: notice no service bib or markings or special leash that indicates it's a service dog. "it's not, but it's ok, I'll take you"
Him: "no, it's a service dog. it is!"
His GF: "shut up! he let us in. let's just go".
Me: "pit bulls are not service dogs but I already said I'd take you."
Him: "but it's a service dog! I have papers to prove it".
Me: "you know, I didn't ask for that and I already let you in, but since you volunteered, go ahead and show me the papers".
Him: "i ain't got them with me, they're at home. but i don't need to show you anyway. if i tell you it is, it is".

At this point, I was done with him and ready to cancel.

Me: "of course they're at home. why would you have them with you? But you said you had them and I didn't ask for doesn't matter...I don't care. Why don't we just cancel this ride right now."
Him: "oh really? you want to not make money? you're Ok with that?"
GF: "Oh my God, stop f-ing arguing with him!"
Me: "Actually, i'm fine with it. It's not that much because this is a pool ride and your the second passenger."

Both watch me cancel and get out. He slams the door and she starts screaming at him about already being in the car. Good luck with the next driver and your attitude. Bye Felicia! GTFO!

Now, what is the policy on service dogs? Do pax have to provide anything or the animal have special indication? Am I allowed to even ask for credentials? I've taken a couple before that were both completely blind and they called ahead and said they had a service dog. That dog had a bib with special marking and the leash was different (squared leash with body harness) and they were legit blind.


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they complain you are toast. Some go by you can't even ask if it is a service dog. Others say it's OK to ask. I go with if they say it is, I go with it. But I'm a dog person anyway (assuming it's a dog).
Lotta threads on this. Don't be surprised if you are suspended or deactivated.

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Two choices.

Said with a big smile ... Is that your pet? Hop in.


A service dog is one that has been trained to perform a task.

You should always ask what task the dog has been trained to perform.

Emotional support animals are not service dogs and you do not have to legally carry them.

In short, if they say it’s a service dog AND tell you the task it’s been trained to perform, take them.

All the so-called “identification” is all bogus. It can be bought on Amazon.