Service Animals in Connecticut


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Although we may refuse to transport animals, we are legally required to transport Service Animals by both the Federal ADA and state law. There is a useful, related thread at:

Part of that thread includes this helpful? advise:
In regards to allergies and person with a true service dog will understand and offer to cancel the request and order another car. I've had it happen, I also waited with them until the new driver arrived.

There are times Service Dogs can be denied access to buildings or particular areas of a building. (This thread has a lot of great info on the subject)

You can ask two questions:

1. Is the animal a service dog
2. What has it been trained to do (it must be a specific task)

A wrong answer to either of those is grounds to deny the ride.

I always ask if the animal is a comfort or emotional support animal an answer of yes results in a denied ride. Comfort or emotional support animals are not service dogs, period end of story.
However, the laws defining a "service animal" vary from state to state. For Connecticut see
One question is: "How to determine that a PAX is falsely claiming that his dog is a "service animal?" especially if allergic. I have never had this problem before, but others might. Please reply if you have specific knowledge or if this has happened to you.
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You have to take any DOG when the passenger claims it is a service animal - period

Failure to do so could lead to deactivation

It is a violation of federal law

You may not and can not ask why the person needs a service animal or if they have any proof of it being a service animal

If they say it is not a service animal you dont have too take any dog

I carry a blanket and plastic bags for service animals

Only exception is if the service animal is out of control and presents a danger to you or your driving you can refuse the ride but then right away document the file with a report of "rider behavior" to cover your ass becuse you still may get decativated


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picking up someone with an animal is so rare its not even worth thinking about it. Ive given many many rides and only have had 3 rides that had animals.
1. woman with a dog. no mention if it was a service animal. dog stayed still lying on floor whole ride.
2. 2 nice ladies each carrying a small dog. dogs stayed in their arms whole time and didn't make a sound.
3. young girl holding a cat while i took her to the vet. no problems at all.


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Wait till you get some guy with his calming german shepherd that weighs 120 pounds and looks like it is ready to take a bite out of your neck while you are driving "He is my service animal"

Afterwards my car filled with dog hair, slobber etc and have to go off line for an hour of cleaning to make $3,20


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They need to have info on the animals saying that it is a service animal and i believe they have to wear something around their body indicating they are one...I think its a red vest of some sort, i will never take the word of a person that says they are a service animal without proof.....They shit in your car they will pay the price to have it cleaned, plain and simple~!


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They dont need to haave or supply any info with the dog and you dont have the right to ask for any info on the dog or why it is needed

All that is required is that they say "service animal" then you have to take the dog or you will get deactivated

Oh and yes btw - uber pays any and all cleaning fees associated with dog fillth but according to its miserably low chart which is not even enough to pay the cost involved

$150 for vomit these days


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... uber pays any and all cleaning fees associated with dog filth but according to its miserably low chart which is not even enough to pay the cost involve. $150 for vomit these days
What "low chart"? Can you please provide a link or include in a reply?


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What "low chart"? Can you please provide a link or include in a reply?
Just look on one of your recent rides and go under rider behavior - on the bottom of the list is reuqest a clean up fee - it has the list of the fees