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Serious question though


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Do any of you guys add a reason whenever you rate your passenger? I have only done this for the more serious violations normally I just rate them and go about my business. Uber does give them feedback sometimes so I’m wondering if they will ever change the drivers rating because they realize the driver provided feedback on them. I never knew until recent that you can Change your drivers rating. I wish they would let us change passengers ratings because sometimes it just clicks through there and you don’t get a chance to click what you actually want.


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Yes if there’s a problem, or I think the pax is going to complain about me. Always better to be the first one to tell your side of the story.


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I do give a reason when they slam my doors although I put a sticker on the windows saying; Do not slam doors. Thank you. If they do slam the doors which most white and rich people do, then I click on either 4 star or 3 star and choose disrespectful option. F==k all that.


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I only seem to get door slams when I drive midnight - 3AM. My early AM pax don't seem to do it.

My pax ratings system, loosely: "4" if they are in any way a minor PITA, starting with longer than 2 minute pickup wait without a real good reason.

"3" if for whatever reason I don't want them in my car ever again, including the frequent toddler / infant car seat hassle.

"2" or "1" if they violate my "six and scoot" rule...by that I mean if they take longer than 6 minutes at a stop...I'm gone, even though I know I'll get a "1" in return. I try to earn a "5" every time so I have a little room for a "six and scoot"

I definitely leave a good complete comment on the Lyft app when I downrate.
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