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Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Uberdooper, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    Ok so since January 1st I've seen significant lower amount of PINGS

    I mostly do SELECT but also X when It surges or when I feel that I need to get some moving around .

    I emailed Customer service , I went to the uber office yesterday, and they all said that after checking , my uber account is FINE

    I still get pings here and there but they are MUCH fewer .

    I know it's January, dead of winter , post holidays , rent time , tax time , saturated market and what not ...

    But , I still had hard time accepting the rapid , negative change .

    So , after referring to UBER at their office and over the email , I decided to gather with another friend who is driving for uber and run the infamous PING TEST tonight .

    We both drove to a relative remote area , we have 3 2 iPhones , 2 androids , 2 driver accounts and 3 RIDERS accounts

    I opened my driver app first ,
    He tried to ping me ,
    Nothing on my end ... Ping goes to a guy 12 min away with a 4.63 rating. ( I'm at 4.72 )
    We cancelled and switch

    It was my friends turn to turn on his driver all
    I pinged him ... Nothing on his part .. It went to a driver 8 min away .

    We tried different phones , iOS and android , and tried to ping each other with 3 different

    We got nothing , and guys who were farther got the ping

    So it's not the location anymore
    It's not the rating ( since the pings went at times to lower rating then ours )

    And this has started since the beginning of the year few days ago !!!

    I'm still getting pings here and there but not nearly as I was .

    Note - we tried that test on a select , X and XL

    Totally weird , totally new , and VERY discouraging

    I call here for other forum members to try this tests in the same manner I did

    We might be up for some big secretive news changes here .

    Totally sucks
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  2. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    Ps my acceptance rate is 77 and cancellation rate is 4 percent

    I'm thinking this might be the new determination of pings , along with money caps that uber decide on , or perhaps new drivers get front of the line

    I got no clue ,

    Serious replys only please

    We have the power to gather and discover what uber isn't telling us .
  3. DollarStoreChauffeur

    DollarStoreChauffeur Well-Known Member

    Wide awake.
    The algorithm could be set to funnel rides to newbs to get them hooked and thinking this is a viable gig. Vets who are hardcore addicted can wait and get the shakes. Me? I quit cold turkey.
  4. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the 4.63 rating guy who got the pings instead of us was a newbie

    Doesn't seem like
  5. LAuberX

    LAuberX Moderator Moderator

    Los Angeles
    Try the test a mile apart?
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  6. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    And he got 2 out of tge 3 pings that we tried , even though he was farther away
  7. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    We did

    I was the driver and he as a rider requested me while he was couple of freeways exits away too
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  8. arto71

    arto71 Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    You really don't know what's going on ?
  9. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    Do tell , smartie pants
    And prove your theory , real proof please

    This is serious
  10. gonchys

    gonchys Member

    los angeles
    When I'm in guaranteed time I get the feeling that they put me last in the queue. Like today 5 to 7 pm 1.4 guaranteed, I only got 1 short trip per hour, By downtown LA.
    hard to believe
  11. Old Smokey

    Old Smokey Well-Known Member

    Orange County
  12. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    I was out of the guarantee zone , and on select we don't have boosts etc
  13. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    I'm 20% on X
    And 25% on select
  14. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    Arto , I have tried this multiple times and different destination, I don't think it's that ..

    Why would uber put that much thought into destination filter anyways

    And btw we thought about it and changed destination and STILL GOT THE SAME GUY
  15. thezeus88

    thezeus88 Well-Known Member

    I was driving right behind a brand new Prius earlier with the toilet sticker in the back. I could see through the window that the guy had his driver app on and was online-I could see the blue online banner from my car.
    I had my rider app open and I knew I had to try and ping him. I requested UberX and Voila! He got the ping. I knew this because the vehicle type was "Prius" and the rider app didn't show a license plate but instead showed "new car", which was consistent because the Prius didn't have license plates.
    I saw him try to make a UTurn, them when I cancelled he continued straight.

    There were other drivers around but he was definitely the nearest.
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  16. Adieu

    Adieu Well-Known Member


    Let me join your test

    I have two different vehicles with double logins --- two separate all-pings accounts, a Select-only, and an XL-only

    I ****definitely**** feel like the X accounts are heavily prioritized, and instantly pingable if visible on the map... the XL and Select, though....

    PS 25%er. Know for a fact both my X accounts are easily pingable since I can ping myself on X with 95% accuracy
  17. thezeus88

    thezeus88 Well-Known Member

    Also, My cancellation rate has been at over 20% lately and I'm still getting pinged.

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  18. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member


    before NYE I had 90 percent and I was getting good pings , now I'm at 77 percent since I skipped a few on NYE

    Uber has been putting emphasis on acceptance rate lately , even in the news
  19. Uberdooper

    Uberdooper Well-Known Member

    The uber rep in the office tried to ping me and I got it right away !! BUT OUT AND ABOUT IT WASNT THE CASE

    so it's def not the geographical location anymore like it used to be
  20. Adieu

    Adieu Well-Known Member

    Also I get the feeling that TO get select rides, you have to fill a certain invisible quota of X rides

    On a separate note, Ive DEFINITELY caught Lyft messing around...my Plus (XL) and Lyft basic accounts aren't separate, and viewing through a rider app, SOMETIMES I'm logged into both.....sometimes into XL-only (when other plus cars are scarce Lyft keeps me "in reserve"), and sometimes BASIC ONLY (penalty box for skipping rides trying to cherrypick XL)

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