Sep 10 Sunday football at FedEx field


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So ya, football game ends around 4.30pm and metro would still be active at that time.
Do you guys think it will surge crazy like last Sunday night? I mean I think metro closing at 10pm was the the main reason for last Sunday's surge.


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Sunday night was a different animal. You had people that were there just to tailgate/party all day that didn't go to the game itself. My hair stylist/barber/whatever the term was there at noon. That's why the surge at kickoff; my first ride was folks that were tailgating and going to a bar to watch the game itself.

This Sunday will be interesting. Last Redskins regular season as I recall Uber promoted the shit out of the game. It was ant city and no surge all night.

I'll try it to see since Dallas doesn't play until Sunday night. I'll be wearing Dallas gear. I'll root for the Redskins over Philly, as seeing despondent Eagles fans does my black heart good.

Also it will depend on whether Uber puts out incentives. The Nats play (also Philly) that will let out roughly the same time.

As of now neither Nats or Redskins have any special Boost postgame.


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I live next to the stadium...and the surge is this (snap) big when Metro is still open. Factor in the additional daytime drivers and it's totally not worth it.