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Selling my car is the only way out

Son of the Darkness

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I wish you the best of luck you will find that there are much much better opportunities with companies that know how to treat people better.
Jobs are a temporary means to an end. Invest your limited time on this planet in building the wealth needed to walk away from jobs, not towards them. Your life is much more valuable than punching a clock for 40 years, hopefully.


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Got a buyer on the way for my 2006 crv I have finally had enough of this exploitation since I know how a worker should really be treated been in a trade union for 24 years and I really can't believe I have 2,500+ rides. I can't do this in my 3/4 ton truck so that fixes that. I really wish the best for all of you out there and you find something better real soon uber and Lyft can't get self driving cars operating soon enough according to them and it's just a race to see if they can replace everyone before some landmark judgement comes up that finds them responsible for what they have been getting away with for far too long.
Your first mistake was trying to make this gig a real job, the only way this gig works is if you’re dealing weed and want to use it as cover in the hood. 😂


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Its sold already and going back to good job this Monday thank God, I hope for many of you this is just a side gig like others have said and your not stuck behind the wheel 60+hours a week but I know there are some unfortunate people out there that this is their only way to make it. I will add that at least there is a way but it's still not near what it should be.
Peace to all
I salute you for getting out of the ride share game, I been out of the game for a minute.


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Been 8 weeks and I'm not looking or going back, been busy and med benefits are 3 weeks away so everything's looking up, hope everyone is doing well that wished the same.
Don't take the truck off your profile. You can still Shuffle when you get the itch to Uber.


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Your first mistake was trying to make this gig a real job, the only way this gig works is if you’re dealing weed and want to use it as cover in the hood. 😂
I never wanted this as a full time gig, I just needed something in place of edd benefits which are only $450 a week. Basically I knew I wasn't doing any better until I reached at least $550 considering gas and by then I was at or above 20 hours on most weeks. My regular job is something I've been doing for 24 years and the last 2 years at least for me have been very lean. Before I got into my trade I had a small business I ran out of my garage and I think its time to start that again for when work slows again. LOL dealing weed is kinda funny cause I think back in 2014 when Obama announced the feds are not going to bust anyone following state laws I actually got my med card and ordered grow lights and all the other equipment I seriously considered selling to the dispensaries but quickly realized the purity of product was a standard a rookie like me would never achieve the first few years so that got abandoned.