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Wow, my record is 6.

Anyhoo...welcome to the forum. You will find many others have shared your trials and tribulations with the demand for a selfie.


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Try this:

Wash the lens of your camera,
if you are using a tablet - use your phone.
Take off any heavy makeup you may be wearing.
Take off the hat.
Get the camera close to you so that 90% of the pix is your face.
Have someone else take it, so that it's not the 'selfie lens', it's the other one.


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I only had a problem one time. It was because I was using a 10 y/o Facebook photo for my driver pic. I had to take a new photo and convince Rohit that it was really me before I could drive again.


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I've never had a problem. Other than having to take them at night, when all I have for light is the dome light in the car, which can make it tricky.


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Funny how a "selfie" used to have a different meaning before cell phone cameras and social media.


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I thought this was going to be about pax taking tons of selfies in the back of an Uber. They sometimes do that for some reason.

I mah uber! Liek OMG!!!


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i had to upgade my phone after new app because selfie stopped working and had to call support everytime.

Another Uber Driver

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I have had nothing but trouble with that demand for a photograph. The minimum for me is six tries. The usual is nine. I have had as many as twenty tries. Uber is supposed to be a "technology" company. The photographic verification is obviously inferior technology. Uber must discontinue its use until a "technology" company can make this technology more reliable.