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Seems Slow!!

Leaf fan

New Member
I am new to the forum but have been driving for a year.
It seems very slow during the daytime lately, any better at night?


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slow since students left, waiting half hr- 45 mins inbetween ubereats orders is crazy, liked it when you could complete 30-40 orders in 5-6hrs now complete 10-15 in that time


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Hey we can't have 2 London's. I get all confused with the sat Nav. I put in London trips and suddenly I get a map of Canada. Your town has to change its name. I will go to the United Nations if I have to.


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Lol... I do like Donald he is a fixer makes me laugh.

So does Canada play football . You guys are hosting it 2026. And does London Ontario. Need a UK coach .I can help you guys.....for a large fee.
I can bring some soccer balls. And tell you how to play the game....or we can just go fishing and Moose hunting

Hey just had a job for Museum London, but my sat nav is pointing me to Ontario and I'm in London UK. How do I get there . it would be so much better if London Ontario changed its name. I mean the UK came up with it first. How about. 'Maple Leaf City'?
Its slow now, give it a month and the students will be back.

Is the London market saturated? I made more last summer when there was less than 1000 of us signed up. City hall says there is around 3000 of us, I don't see it. I think its more like 2000. Thoughts?