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One thing I've noticed that no one has spoken about yet is the fact that if there is only one Union or collective bargaining group representing all of the drivers from Lyft Uber and wings this puts us in a situation where we are liable to be charged with price-fixing. If our Union negotiates with both companies then we as a bargaining group are fixing prices between multiple companies. The only way I see around this is to have more than one Union that's something I'm even less interested in because I don't want to have to pay dues to two unions to be able to drive for both companies. I'm going to be at the meeting on August 3rd at the mayor's office and point this out to the city. The way their legislation is written we are going to have a single Union representing all of the drivers to all of the Rideshare companies and that puts us in a situation of great liability.


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I'm more curious what the union will do for me, in tangible terms. If I'm going to have to pay union dues, whether we like it or not. I'd like to know what I would be paying for, other than filling the teamsters coffers every month.

Is there anywhere with information about a starting point for rates, vehicle restrictions and other changes they would like to bring to uber in Seattle?


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I just spoke to a guy from the teamsters Union who said that unfortunately they can't provide any specifics of what they would negotiate for until the driver's unionize and decide what demands they want. Although he said the things that have come up are higher wages as in a raise to near $2 a mile and a more fair process for disputing your ratings and possibly eliminating Uber pool