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SDCs for dummies

Discussion in 'Autonomous' started by iheartuber, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. iheartuber

    iheartuber Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    there’s been a lot of talk about SDCs but there are actually three different ways they can be integrated into our society. Proponents of SDCs will try to oversimplify and just say “They’re here! They’re taking over!” But when you understand the three different ways you will get a better idea of... reality.

    #1 selling SDCs (or cars with that feature) at your local dealership.

    In the market for a new car? Wanna maybe get one that has a SD feature so that on those long trips through rush hour you could just kick back and get some work done? Or, on other occasions, you could basically be your own Uber and drink all you want and have the car drive you home? Sounds great right? Well, you’re not gonna see these cars for sale anytime soon because they still need more “practice” in the real world. So, the people behind SDCs are getting into their very own Uber-like business. After the cars have mastered the streets then you will see SDCs for sale at your local dealer. So put a pin in this and let’s skip to #2...

    #2 the SDC companies are getting into the Uber business— and Uber themselves want to get into the SDC business!

    Imagine a world where every single Uber/Lyft ride you take has a computer driving you. Don’t laugh, that’s already hapening in Phoenix right now and soon to expand to other markets. Plus if it’s a big enough hit Uber and Lyft will join the party.

    Now, to be fair, this might just work. However, to also be fair, let’s take a look at some of the challenges they will face:

    The biggest challenge being that as the rideshare business model is currently set up each driver is an Independent Contractor and assumes all responsibilities. If SDCs were introduced, then the companies become liable. That’s a lot of expenses, a lot of headaches, and a lot of potential pitfalls.

    Proponents of SDCs say: so what, we got this. No big deal. We can swing it no problem. Everything from insurance, to customer service, to maintenance, and everything else in between they assure us they’ve got it covered. Do they? Don’t they? Time will tell, but for now let’s just wait and see. Still developing.

    #3 the complete change in our entire society.

    This is the part where the Tin Foil hat people come out. There are people, including former GM Exec, the 85 year old Bob Lutz, who believe that someday “soon” we won’t even own cars anymore.

    You know how no one really “owns” music anymore? No one buys CDs or MP3s or vinyl anymore. a small niche market does but mostly people get their music via YouTube or Spotify or even pay a subscription fee for Spotify.

    This is how these people see car “ownership” being in the future. You will basically “Uber” everywhere and pay a monthly fee to do so and all the while be driven by robots.

    Anytime you ever have to go somewhere you won’t drive yourself, you will rideshare by robot.

    Let me repeat that: you will practically never drive yourself ever again. And, you will never be driven by a human.

    Now, will this happen? Hey man, I don’t know. But I will give you my opinion: I think it’s going to be very tough to convince people to give up their freedom to drive themselves. If we’re talking SDCs as a choice where people primarily drive themselves but when they feel like having the robot do the driving then the elect for that, then I see that as a possibility.

    But a future where you practically do not have that choice at all? I don’t see our society willingly going down that path.

    So.. there you have it. SDCs for dummies.
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  2. jocker12

    jocker12 Active Member

    In other words, if you wish pigs will fly, that doesn't necessary means they will really fly someday.

    But hey! These SDC developers are throwing pigs up into the sky today and some tormented buffoons are hyping up for the flying pigs already!

  3. iheartuber

    iheartuber Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    If you throw a pig in the air, they won’t fly, but for a brief window of time they will be falling in the air and if you hype it just so, you could make it SEEM like they are on the verge of flying.

    That’s where these SDC pr people are at right now.
  4. Sydney Uber

    Sydney Uber Well-Known Member

    Sydney Australia
    SDC’s are part of my retirement plan. Hope they’re well and truly established by 2025 - so I can get my first Autonomous Flying Car
  5. jocker12

    jocker12 Active Member

    Flying pigs are real and they are here right now. In few years they will replace the birds on the sky and they will change our world.

    Stop your nonsense and embrace the bright future. Your resistance is futile..... hehehe.


  6. RamzFanz

    RamzFanz Well-Known Member

    Saint Louis
    Of course, you ignore the reality.

    The expense is high, but it will be born by the richest corporations in the world. ALL major auto companies and MOST major tech companies. Welcome to the largest single goal effort by corporations ever.

    If you think you've out thought them in regards to the challenges, you'd be wrong.

    "Hey Mac, did any of us think about responsibilities or insurance before we dropped a trillion on this"?

    Yes, because every major auto company in the world knows nothing about maintenance. Every major insurance company in the world isn't talking about self driving and working with the major auto companies to be included.

    We don't need time to tell, the numbers speak for themselves.

    You sounded sensible there. That's exactly how it will unfold.

    Then you drifted into the nonsensical world where people will choose to piss away their time to sit in traffic, stressed, occupied, and bored, while the rest of the world whizzes around them, comfortable, unstressed, and doing as they wish. Oh, and pay more for the privilege of driving themselves.

    I'm a driver who enjoys being a skilled and intuitive safe driver, and I still don't want to drive if I don't have to.

    Do you know who cares about driving? Twenty somethings who think they are impressing a girl or their bros. Look how stupid I can drive in my overpriced car. That's it.

    It's like saying just because I enjoy a good dump, I wouldn't rather do without the effort.


    I agree.
  7. iheartuber

    iheartuber Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles

    Everyone would love to have an experience where they own a SDC and kick back at times and just chill out and let the car do the driving.

    But you are talking about something completely different.

    In your future world, it’s not about the cars that we own have a SD feature that we can use or not at our choice.

    You see the world as consumers not even having a choice, and not even owning cars. That’s the part I cannot see. Remember, a guy in a funny mustache tried to force his people into a similar society and the world revolted.

    Who am I talking about: Hitler or Stalin? Both!!
  8. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member


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