Scum targeting Uber drivers.


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Guys, be careful out there.
I received a ride request this morning from a Rider named "Uber". The rider called and claimed to be an Uber employee named Paul.
He instructed me to cancel the ride and select " Don't charge the rider".

He said I was awarded $350 bonus and asked me to confirm my phone number. Then he sent me a text message asking for my Uber login and password. That is when I realized he was running a scum.

I did not provide him the information and he started cursing at me.

I emailed Uber to let them know.


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Had the same thing happen Saturday night. This person named 'Nancy' asked the same shit. I didn't give her my phone number and told her to F off. She told me I would be deactivated. I called uber and they said the only thing that they would ever ask you is to verify your birthday