Scum targeting Uber drivers.


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Guys, be careful out there.
I received a ride request this morning from a Rider named "Uber". The rider called and claimed to be an Uber employee named Paul.
He instructed me to cancel the ride and select " Don't charge the rider".

He said I was awarded $350 bonus and asked me to confirm my phone number. Then he sent me a text message asking for my Uber login and password. That is when I realized he was running a scum.

I did not provide him the information and he started cursing at me.

I emailed Uber to let them know.


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This happened to me once. Before they asked for my password, they asked me how much was in my account and I said $45. Then we got "disconnected".

I read another post where the driver did not cancel, and he led the scam caller on for 5 minutes (including talking to his "supervisor") and then cancelled as a no-show and got his $3.60 out of them.


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Kafi, these scams have been going on for awhile and discussed within this forums quite a bit thanks for the reminder for the newer members. In fact Uber is aware and have also issued warnings about it.


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Got my 5 dollar cancelation with one of these scam. Accepted a boost ping. Got a call right away claiming to be a uber support and need to verify me. Told me to cancel ride and pull over to talk. I ignored that and went to the location which was only a few blocks away and hit arrive. I was still on the phone with him telling him I don't belive him as I'm wary of scam. I then text the rider that I was outside and notice the phone number was the same as the uber support phone calling me so this 100% confirm it was a scam. I call him on the bullshit. And hang up. I waited 5 minute then cancel. He try calling back multiple time which I ignore.


Where were you guys at when you received the trip/where was it? I am wondering if thwyre soibg it in one contained area or random. Thanks