Scrooling Blue Lines on app


is anyone else getting a blue line scrolling across the top of the app underneath "Go Offline". I first noticed the problem when the servers went down. I wrote Uber about it tonight and 30 minutes later I got a responses back and said they sorry and credited me with $15.48 (SHOCK). But still getting scrolling lines. Anyone else?


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I think mine always does that. I'm no programmer but I think Uber's tech works on a messaging/polling system, not push. So every 1-2 seconds your partner app on your phone does a "call home" to the Uber server to see if it has any "messages" - aka pings and to update the server with your GPS location. When a ride is "assigned" to you, a "message" is put on the server for your phone to pickup with the 30 second countdown. When you accept the ping it sends a message back to the server that you've accepted and begins the ride, yada yada. So that scrolling bar is the constant call home.