Screwed on a surge - Buffalo Airport


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So last night at roughly 12:15 AM, I started getting pings from the Buffalo Airport which was 15 minutes away. Decline. Decline. Decline. Then the map turned orange, including the little part that is the airport and I get a ping from the airport as I was zooming in to see how much the surge was. I accept, drive 15 freaking minutes to pick up the PAX, took forever to get out of there because of how busy it was, and I look at my trip. No surge pay.

So I call the barely English speaking reps later this morning trying to explain. I ask for a heat map of the Buffalo area for the exact minute and second I accepted that trip. He can't do it or won't do it. Only reason I accepted the trip in the first place was because the map was clearly orange at the time including everything at and around the airport.

And as long as we are talking about the Airport, why is the default address in the PAX app for the airport, behind the airport and not the terminal?
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If you dont see the surge on the request, they arent going to give it to you regardless what the map says. I got a request on Saturday Night when downtown was surging and a request near Chippewa without surge....declined and looked back at the map and it was surging.

I do remember reading something that if people do a scheduled ride, it avoids any potential surge but has to be scheduled in advance.

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On Sunday AM, downtown Buffalo was surging pretty good for over an hour. So, I went there, AND... of course, the second I went online, it disappeared! AND, to my surprise, it then began surging in the southtowns where I had just come from! WTF!

I picked up some decent fares on the day overall, but actually more of them were on Lyft for a change. My strict policy, is that if I am in an area that is surging, I will only accept a surge fare. Anybody else will need to get another driver. I'll be damned if I am going to leave a surge area to pick up a fare. What a bunch of crap.


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I take a picture of all surge rides.then you have the exact amount it was surging as well, I’ve had uber tell me it was a 1.2 surge when I sent them the picture they corrected it... pictures worth a thousand words and unfortunately the best prof you have, cause as a driver your word is nothing.


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Just curious, so if a ride is over 10 minutes away and is in a surge will you see both:

Possible Premium Pick up &

I thought maybe the surge wasn't showing because of the other line being shown.

Lesson learned, won't be doing that again. That said, I did end up making $13.96 with the tip. Would have a been a nice payout if those bastards paid me my surge!