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Wait my last post was talking about new surge. But I just realized it’s only high demand areas and no surge necessarily. We are F’d it’s showing high demand here in Santa Ana where it’s usually surging but it’s not surge. If I don’t see % I ain’t accepting


The new lyft bonus system blows. If your car is available on both platforms lux/regular, you can drive to the pink area on LUX on only, and the surge will be able to build to whatever 2x the pink center shows (That will be the max) It will usually take about 5-7 min to build to the max.. Then you can turn on both platforms or drive away to somewhere better or go somewhere else with your life changing bonus in hand. If you are lucky enough to get the surge ping on LUX, it will be double whatever the pink shows.
Remember, if you leave both lux/regular on while waiting in the surge zone, it will never build to the max.


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Lol They are actually doing what I said they eventually will. Just putting a outline in red on the map with 1.0 in it, and watching the ants march.
It's clear to see that the only pathway to profitability they see is screw the drivers as much as possible.