Scooti Has Arrived ???


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Let’s see how many end up as roadkill. Wonder if they are allowed to use bicycle lane and a pick up and drop off at bus/tram stops ?


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Saw one of these going along lakeside drive this morning .. passenger had a fluoro orange vest on with scooti written on the back

Kick poor Ant in guts

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Wait for the first death of a passenger (which is inevitable) and goodbye.
Too right - I can can see a Sandeep ride his scooter with a hipster on board straight into a busy intersection, the hipster dies, Sandeep gets out uninjured then heads to Tullamarine for a 1way ticket to the land of the Sandeeps never to be seen again. Straight from the Puneet Puneet playbook. Scooti will be in liquidation within a month.