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Scheduled Pickup

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by drive4lyft69, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Ski Free

    Ski Free Active Member

    So what do they pay after 5 minutes on a scheduled ride?
  2. Amsoil Uber Connect

    Amsoil Uber Connect Well-Known Member

    DLA5 / Lyft
    What's worse is your scheduled trip comes up and you accept it, it's to the Airport, 25 miles, but because you didn't,or forgot to go offline, next thing you know you get a rematched without your permission a short trip. and your ap trip is gone. F u Lyft fix your programming .
  3. JimJitsuEsq

    JimJitsuEsq New Member

    Ventura, CA
    The usual $5

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