Say Thanks To T-Mobile & MetroPCS For The Outage & Profit From Less Drivers On The Road


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Why in 2020 would anyone have t mobile

They offer the best international plan. I spend few months in Europe every summer so international plan is very important to me.

I haven't had any issues with connectivity either - today (despite living in the area that's on that map) or pretty much ever.


This is why I have AT&T Wi-Fi in the car, Sprint iPhone, and a pre-paid MVNO iPhone On T-Mobile.

since this is my job, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.


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never understand why guys fulltime. used cricket or metro for uber. 1 lost ride. pays for upgrade


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lol I felt bad about not driving today until I thought that, didn't the outage mean less pax?

BTW is anyone on Consumer Cellular? I'm looking at getting with them for $25/mo. They have service on T-Mobile and ATT networks, was going for ATT as that's what I have now and haven't had outages.