Say Thanks To T-Mobile & MetroPCS For The Outage & Profit From Less Drivers On The Road


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If you're not out there driving you're missing out on the absence of a lot of T-mobile, and MetroPCS drivers since there's an ongoing huge outage.

You know what to do kids, get out there and profit from their absence.



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I'm not driving tonight but I did notice my phone keeps whining about a network authentication error and switching back to sprint. And now I know why. Thank you 😊


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Also. I am one mile from main T-Mobile HQ (which is near Seattle). No employees requesting early rides to the offices, because they can’t get their phones to work. Lol.
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Here's a list of MVNOs that run on the T-Mobile network. And the outage effected them too. It appears to be fixed now though, I am on tmobiles network posting this.

T-Mobile MVNOs

Consumer Cellular
Metro by T-Mobile
Mint Mobile
Google Fi
Red Pocket
Republic Wireless
Simple Mobile
Straight Talk
Ultra Mobile
US Mobile


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Quit disableing the towers !

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T-Mobile only cost me missed business. And ATT's not that much higher, if any.

I used to be with Sprint until moving over to Metro PCS after my friends told me about it. I was paying close to a hundred bucks a month with Sprint for 700 minutes, unlimited text, and data, no tethering. I moved over to MetroPCS and for 60 I get way better service, and connectivity, faster data, both up and down, 16 gig of tethering which comes in handy in between rides, and a free prime membership.

It turned out really well for me. My area wasn't affected by the outage. Initially I thought it was which is what made me look at the map when I saw the major outage. In my case the connection went down because my phone was upgrading from Android 9 to Android 10 in the background, only it paused requiring my input without letting me know until I discovered it.

T-Mobile has a good network, and my MetroPCS service is awesome in comparrison to my Sprint service. No complaints here.
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