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Saw a NYC TLC car in Virginia today...



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It was a silver Camry with TLC (T7) plates right in my neighborhood, Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia. About 330 miles/6 hours drive away from NYC.

I hope he was on vacation rather than deadmiling back to the city after a drop off down here!


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In NYC we have a four hour limit for a trip. There is no way of getting to Richmond in 4 hours. Probably was vacationing.


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Take the yellow to CT casino or even ac maybe once or twice a year
Do you go to Harrah's in AC?

I remember like fall of last year or so, I saw a yellow cab parked in a parking lot and thought to myself "Someone is slacking off" lol.

Speaking of casinos, just came back from Tues to Thurs trip from AC and boy am I glad I went there instead of working as I heard that this week was horrible.


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Guys, what are the rules about dropping off and picking up near Penn station? Where is it allowed and prohibited? Could you clarify please?