Santa is very opinionated

S. Claus

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I am the guy that some have said looks that Santa.

Some have also said Jerry Garcia and Ernest Hemingway. But, Stana would win if I was counting.

Most folks do not get to talk to Santa in long extended conversations. His opinions may not be the same as mine, but I bet he has lots more to say than ho, ho, ho.

I commented on a bunch of threads tonight.

Please comment with a response. I can assure you that your opinion will not hurt my feelings. You, after all have a right to an opinion -- for at least 24 more hours. Election day is tomorrow. Go out and vote for the "right" one. (Political comment. Maybe nobody will notice. My last one).

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.

Why must it be so hard to type that without having to go back and retype 5 or 6 times? 63 years must be really old. LOL, LOL, LOL. I should used all caps before.