SAN Wait Time - Tuesday 6/14/16


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Hahahahaha I had mine say that one time. Maybe I'll rush over and get in line.....

Gabriel Quijas

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What is that new cab area and van area by the airport? Anybody know? Is it just where the taxis stage for airport rides now? Lots of room there wonder if it will be Uber and Lyft too?


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That's funny
I was there later that hour and it said 04 - 14 min after I dropped off, wish I had time to take a nap.

San Diego X

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^It's a glitch, I picked up at the airport 3 times yesterday and longest I waited was 15 mins because I ignored a Poo Ping which sent me to time out. While waiting to get another airport ping, I received a Lyft Ping in Point Loma. Always accept Lyft pings over Uber.