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San Juan PUERTO RICO ADD it Please


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Über started in the city of San Juan Puerto Rico on July 2016 Please add on!!! It covers San Juan Condado Miramar Santurce Hato Rey, Río Piedras, Cupey, Carolina, Caguas, Guaynabo, Bayamon. Übers can drive riders to Fajardo, Rio Grande Resorts // ThenCity Limits for the cities of Ponce and Mayaguez. ~~~~~NOTE (,2-04-2017): Until further notice No Rides to the Caribbean Rain Forest-El Yunque. ~~~~ Yes they can Drop off Riders at the San Juan (SJU) Luis Muñóz Marin Intl. Airport BUT No Pick Ups from the Airport for Arriving Flights (it is a No No) And when visiting NO PASSPORT Needed it is a US Territory... Local Currency: US Dollae....Thanks ......


Anyone else interested in a San Juan PR subforum?
with all due respect dear mod, the drivers will eventually add up. i would dearly ask you again, if you may create the san juan forum, our island really needs it and thanks. love the forum btw.
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