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San Jose to SF - $$$ - Look At the Numbers

Discussion in 'Pay' started by djnsmith7, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. djnsmith7

    djnsmith7 Member

    Bay Area
    The average Uber fare from Oakridge Mall in SJ to Pine St. in SF is ~$48. The same average fare in a cab is ~$150, but according to bayareayellowcab.com, it's $168.

    What boggles my mind is this: the customer experience in an Uber is 10x better overall, in a vehicle that is probably 10x better than any cab I've ever been in, the conversation is 10x better, even if the Uber driver isn't much of a conversationalist, the vehicle probably smells 10x better, and the driver is probably 10x safer than the cab driver.

    So, overall, the customer has an experience that is, by our measurements, 10x better...at a ~70% discount.

    Name one...just one company or industry on this planet that devalues their product or service so bad and at such an astonishing reduction that their pricing model is ~70% below market value or the competition, but 10x better. It just doesn't exist.

    I drove a nice lady from SJ to SFO two weeks ago. She takes this business trip twice a week, and has for 10+ years. As a loyal Uber customer, she said, "I still can't believe how cheap this service is. I paid $150 each way twice a week for 10+ years. By comparison, this service is almost free, at less than $40. I'll never go back." She enjoys her newfound 73% discount.

    She said the cabbies rarely said a word to her, hardly ever asked how her day was, where she was going for business, always threw her luggage in the trunk like it was worthless, often reeked of bad odors and she hated battling with them to pay with a credit card. So, she would inconvenience herself, and in her words, "add unnecessary risks by carrying $200 in cash", which made her nervous. She now carries ~$40 in cash & typically enjoys her Uber drivers ("which is almost free").

    It's a damn shame that we provide this amazing service, in many instances to nice people, for table scraps.
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  2. Transportador

    Transportador Well-Known Member

    San Jose, CA
    Uber is more than terrible. They set the price soooo low for these reasons:

    1. Kill the taxis - done that
    2. Kill the busses and trains - doing that too
    3. Kill the competition - they're trying
    4. Kill any new start up going after their business - done, price too cheap, who the heck can compete
    5. Kill the drivers to make room for the robots - in progress

    Meanwhile, the riders are just plain ignorant and blissfully taking rides...
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  3. Ex_Uber_Ant

    Ex_Uber_Ant Active Member

    Los Angeles
    Did she tip you?

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  4. djnsmith7

    djnsmith7 Member

    Bay Area
    She did.
  5. Carbalbm

    Carbalbm Active Member

    1. Taxis, especially in the Bay Area are very much alive.
    2. Public transportation will always exist
    3/4. Won't work, because at some point they can't report $1b quarterly losses. Their rates will have to go up, which allows competitors to sneak in with a lower overhead and cost to passengers.
    5. Everyone is doing this, meaning nobody will have a monopoly. If Tesla develops self-driving vehicles, why would they put it on the Uber platform?

    The writing is on the wall. Uber will struggle to fight all the battles they walked into head first. Keep hitting their bonuses, because this gravy train is drying up.

  6. Dave Styles

    Dave Styles Active Member

    Wally World
    Ubers rates are going up with up front pricing. They are just ripping off the driver and not paying them more money with the increased fares. Uber promised temporary seasonal price reductions year after year. Now that they have raised rates on the passengers where is the drivers increase???? Some passengers are getting charged surge and drivers are getting base rate. What's the point of going out and driving when theres no incentive and very little surge. Why would I want to drive if Uber is stealing the surge? Theirs simple no reason to drive it's a big waste of time!

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  7. steviemom

    steviemom New Member

    San Jose CA
    I've been driving with uber for one month. Well today I got a request that took me 20 min to get there (the previous 5 requests had cancelled on me w/in minutes, but I get no $ from that). I get to the passenger who is a bit upset but said all Ubers at that time were taking 20 min because they had just cancelled one. I drove them in traffic for 30 min to airport and now have a 45 min drive home. I make 11.50 on that. I think I'm going to try Lyft. I complained to Uber who replied within 30 secs saying I had received a correct fair. I know uber charged each of the 4 cancellations $5 ea. Who is getting paid here??? not me!
  8. Cigars

    Cigars Well-Known Member

    You are going to try Lyft because of one 20 minute ping (that you foolishly accepted)?????
    Lyft will ping you from an hour away. ( I have seen 43 minutes) Also when Uber tells you 7 minutes its usually 7-8 minutes. When Lyft says 7 minutes it means 12 minutes.

    "Who is getting paid here??? not me!"
    Lyft will not improve that situation. Working at McDonald's might improve it.
  9. steviemom

    steviemom New Member

    San Jose CA
    I am a new driver and I understood if our acceptance rate goes down, so do our requests so you get less rides. Is this true? The previous 5 requests I had accepted but all canceled on me because it was so far away. Of course, even though I was driving to these passengers prior to them canceling, I got no pay but I assume Uber got $ for the cancel. Interesting...
  10. bestpals

    bestpals Well-Known Member

    Yet there are 100's of thousands of driver's in the US and they are adding more everyday. Why should they pay them more when they keep coming aboard for table scraps. I'm tired of hearing driver's say they knew what they were getting when they came on board, but are happy just earning a little extra part time. Well, know it or not, you brought most of what's happening to you on yourselves, especially with prices. As long as drivers keep driving for pennies, why should they pay you quarters, dimes or nickels. Many of you have been smart drivers in the past and only did surge. But now that surge has nearly gone extinct, what will you do? I quit almost 2 years ago and would Never do this again, but I like hearing all the complaining and moaning going on at these boards. Most drivers don't understand that, if they wanted to, they could have all the power on uber or lyft. But that would mean coming together as one and unite. But most are out for themselves and this is what you get.

    Customers don't care about drivers for the most part. They just enjoy the lower rates for themselves. As long as uber and lyft are cheaper then taxis they will pay whatever rate these companies come up with. With upfront pricing they are experimenting with how much customers are willing to pay and they are gladly taking the extra money for themselves. To Hel* with drivers, they are a dime a dozen.
  11. steviemom

    steviemom New Member

    San Jose CA
    Well smart drivers, like me, will quit. I just wanted to check here to see if I was doing something wrong, like accepting trips that were over say 10min away. Seems I'm not getting any extra info here about how to drive and not get ripped off, so maybe quitting is correct.
  12. VegasR

    VegasR Well-Known Member

    Las vegas
    Your acceptance rate has little or no effect on you. You cannot be fired for low acceptance.

    The vast majority of the time you should decline a ride like the one you described.
  13. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5 Well-Known Member

    By using deductive reasoning you just proved that Uber drivers are 10x more ignorant than an average cab driver.
  14. Robertk

    Robertk Well-Known Member

    let's see.... the entire computer software industry comes to mind. And all computer hardware as a matter of fact.

    Newspapers used to cost $0.25 ($1.50 for Sunday) now they are free online.

    I used to have to buy maps, now they are free online, and much better.

    Businesses used to pay high rates to advertise in the Yellow Pages, which doesn't exist any more because google offered a far better service at far lower prices. Speaking of google, nearly everything they offer is free including this browser.

    Long distance calls used to be VERY expensive, now they are included free with most cell phone plans

    come to think of it, nearly EVERY industry offers superior quality goods at much lower prices.

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  15. djnsmith7

    djnsmith7 Member

    Bay Area
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  16. paulmsr

    paulmsr Well-Known Member

    she gave just the tip

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