San Jose Aiport (SJC) Pickup Zones


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I drove around SJC a few times a while ago trying to find the pickup points, I found Ubers's directions to be both incomprehensible and wrong.

The trick with TNC SJC pickup points is you have to go all the way to the top of Term A to get to either of them.

Term A pickup is at the side of the road, a few little blue trestles, after you pass the Terminal A passenger loading zones and just before you reach the bridge over to Terminal B. You have to barge thru the zone because if you drive right of it you then have to cross a "Buses Only" zone to get back over.

For Term B you still have to charge through the Term A passenger zones, then go past the Term A pickup and over the bridge into the Term B pickup zone. Alternatively, at the top of Term A, before you turn left into the terminal, carry on straight to the lights at the CNG station, do a U-Turn then keep left into the tunnel that'll then drop you onto the bridge just past the Term A pickups, then continue to the Term B point.

For Term B you can also not bother going up past Term A but follow the Term B signs around, which brings you under the overpass that you wish you were on, then hang left, enter & immediately exit the parking lot thru the 2nd gap (like Uber tell you not to do) but with SJPD getting all anal there I wouldn't risk it. And they've been putting cones over those gaps recently.

If you get the feeling the bay area airports really hate TNCs, and being forced to accept them, and are doing everything they can to be bloody-minded asses about it all you wouldn't be far wrong. Not that they particularly like taxis either, they just reserve extra hate for TNCs.


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Do you know if registering with the city of san jose is required to pick up and drop off? Uber says it is but this "Business Tax registration form" is impossible to figure out how to fill out.